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The North Carolina Ski Areas Association hosted a Press Conference at Sugar Mountain at 1pm on Wednesday to announce the results of an Economic Analysis study that was conducted to determine the impact on our mountain communities. The last study was released five years ago and it determined that the financial impact and benefit to our communities was more than $140 MILLION dollars.

According to the newest report released today, that has grown by 34% to $197.2 MILLION!



What is SkiSoutheastTV?

skisoutheast TVThat remains to be seen, but the HOPE is that we can take the technology that is now available to us and broadcast LIVE from our ski areas throughout the season!

If this broadcast goes smoothly, we’ll be able to bring the slopes right to you LIVE. That’s right, we should be able to broadcast from right on the slopes. We’ve invested in some new camera equipment and video stream technologies and we’re hopeful that we can share “what’s happening” from the resorts directly to your desktop, laptop or phone.

So tune in and be a part of this test.

Worst case scenario – if we can’t quite pull it off, we’ll record the event and provide it as a link after the fact.

Wish us luck!


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About the Economic Analysis Study:

The North Carolina Ski Areas Association (NCSAA), the trade group for alpine ski areas in the state, commissioned the study, which was conducted by RRC Associates (RRC) of Boulder, Colorado.  RRC is the leading consulting and market research firm in the alpine snowsports industry and tracks many statistics and figures for the industry throughout North America.  RRC publishes annually on behalf of the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) the Kottke End of Season Report, the National Demographic Study, and the Economic Analysis of US Ski Areas, three industry reports that track patterns of significance related to operational, demographic, and financial information, respectively.

North Carolina has six operating ski areas within the state’s borders, drawing visitors from all across the Southeast.  The ski resort industry is very important to the state, particularly during
the time of year when such businesses operate (mid-November through March), and quantifying the economic value of the industry is necessary to understanding its significance.

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