Very Nice Conditions at Your Favorite North Carolina Ski Resort Today, December 19, 2007

First Trax

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First item of news that we need to report because a lot of people emailed us first thing this morning about how we were reporting Wolf Laurel (Wolf Ridge) inaccurately as not open. FYI, they are NOT open today. There was strong intentions to open this morning. Justin from Wolf Laurel has reported earlier in the week that they would be open today, but we called over there this morning and were told that they still had some snow to push around and after looking into it a bit more…decided to open on Thursday.


It wasn’t much but upon heading out this morning those of us who are blessed to live in the mountain were greeted with a heavy dusting of snow. You know, maybe we all just need to quit LOOKING for snow in the forecast and just enjoy it when it does snow! It got me to thinking that maybe it’s kind of like trying to watch a pot of water boil. While it will boil sooner or later, it seems to take forever. However, put the thing on the stove and walk away for what seems like a moment and the thing boils in no time! Maybe Old Man Winter is shy; maybe if we just let it happen and quit looking at long range weather forecast to see if there is a hint of snow in the forecast 7-10 days out. Maybe THEN, we’d enjoy the snows that come, whether they are a dusting, 2-4" or more.

What do you guys think? NAH! We’ll keep looking!


Today could just be one of the best days of skiing and sowboarding that we’ve had thus far this season. Resorts have made a ton of snow since Saturday and Sunday (nearly around the clock) and we also had some natural snows in the mix as well. That has made base depth climb about 4" per day across the board…and even more at some resorts. So surface conditions will be primo today and the best thing is that the snowguns are off at resorts all across the state. Skiing should be phenomenal today.

Expect temps to allow for snowmaking to resume tonight, but then they could be off again until Sunday. The bad news is that we need more cold and snow to get more terrain open. The good news is that we’re only talking about Thursday-Saturday and while it won’t be quite snowmaking weather…it won’t be warm either. Some light wintry mix is forecasted for the evening hours Thursday and Friday. The weekend isn’t looking phenomenal as we may see some light rain on and off.

Sunday night we get back to the mid 20s and snowmaking…and (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)…Monday and Tuesday should be snowmaking weather days AND Christmas Day (Tuesday) we may see some snow with highs in the mid 30s and lows in the 20s! WE CAN HOPE!


HAWKSNEST – Reopened this morning, Justin Grimes wrote, "Come ski, board, and snow tube with us; normal operating hours, weekday rates. The long-term, cold weather, forecast for Christmas through New Years is holding. Celebrate your holiday week in the High Country. Where else can you conveniently ski four different resorts and look across the valleys and see the resort you skied the day before?"

Good comment Justin…

SKI BEECH – Gil Adams wrote, "The temperature at 6:30am was 30 with a light snow. The forecast calls for mostly cloudy with temperatures in the 30’s. Snow making is in progress and will continue as the temperature allows today. We are open for both day and night skiing. Enjoy your day!"

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See You On The Slopes!

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