Varied Weather and Conditions Across the Southeast’s Resorts

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Again this morning I am consolidating reports due to time constraints. SkiNC and SkiSoutheast data is included in this one morning update.

This morning things are interesting as heck weather-wise because temperatures across the Southeast’s Ski Areas are ALL over the place, and so is the forecast.  Check that out on the weather panel on the front page.

Beech Mountain is reporting 40°
Sugar Mountain 43°
Appalachian Ski Mountain 38°
Wisp Resort in Maryland is showing 22°
Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia saw 21°
Winterplace Resort 30°
Canaan and Timberline Resorts 25°
Wintergreen Resort in Virginia 25°

Because of the wild and wide range of temps, obviously some resorts were able to make snow and vastly improve their conditions since Saturday.

We’ve detailed that information on the slope report and here as well:

Hats off to my North Carolina resorts.

Sapphire Valley hasn’t updated a report in three days and the information that you may find on other reporting service websites or on the radio is not accurate.  Even the Southeastern Ski Areas Association is reporting their base of 8-22” but that info is three days old.  We’d STRONGLY suggest calling ahead – and while you’re at it tell them to begin updating the report daily.

Wolf Laurel and Sapphire (since Sapphire didn’t even offer a report) are the only resorts NOT to drop their base depth.  Just know that they dropped from what is being posted.

The rest of the NC resorts all dropped base depths from 2-4” since yesterday.  Surprisingly, while there are definitely some thin coverage areas and bare spots showing up across the region…the slope conditions are still pretty decent.  You may find that the snow isn’t Lily white, but there is still plenty of it and there’s quite decent terrain to play on.  Resorts have been able to groom and maintain slope openings with only minor losses to date.

One comment on “Thin Coverage and Bare Spots” – Last season resorts seemed to do a better job of self-reporting them.  Our North Carolina resorts have done a great job of keeping us up-to-date with the fluctuation of base depths this season but NONE of them are reporting thin coverage and bare sots and just for the record you will fine some at every resort in the Southeast.  Certainly the best snow right now in North Carolina would probably be at Appalachian or some of the smaller ski areas, but since none made snow, expect Spring Conditions and of course Wet Granular since most are getting some rain on Sunday.

Wintergreen Resort was the only Virginia resort to make snow last night.  That will certainly make their conditions vastly improve.  Wintergreen and Massanutten were also the only resorts in Virginia to show a drop of a couple of inches in base depth as well.  Expect the best snow conditions in Virginia to be where they made snow last night – Wintergreen.

They made snow at Canaan, Timberline, and Snowshoe last night and with temps that dipped into the low 20s you can expect good snow today.

Wisp Resort received some pretty good rains (as did many resorts) on Saturday and they showed a slight drop in base, even though the temps dropped late in the day into the 20s by nightfall and Wisp made a lot of snow last night.  We watched them grooming last night as well, so expect great conditions on Sunday.  Wisp and the West Virginia resorts would have to be the picks of where to ski on Sunday and into Monday.  You may have to dodge a raindrop or two, especially on Monday…but there’s some nice snow out there.

So as you can see, the conditions are as unique as the states themselves across the Southeast today.  We’re due for a little cold and snow so you guys get to doing your dance, your prayers, or put your “Thinking Snow” caps on and let’s see if we can get some of that cold air down here.  If you didn’t check back late yesterday and read up on what to expect from the rest of winter…be sure to read the second article on the front page.

Until then, I’m out to do some turns on some fresh, manmade snow at Wisp.

Until Next Time!

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