Up to THREE Resorts Open Today. More Coming Online this Week!

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Just a quick tour this morning.

Appalachian Ski Mountain created a blizzard on their mountain over the last 30 hours and they ARE OPEN for DAY and NIGHT sessions on this gorgeous Tuesday. The fun at Appalachian today is FREE if you’re one of the first 100 to show up this morning. (The first 100 guests will be presented with a FREE lift pass.)

Nothing beats skiing or snowboarding like FREE skiing or snowboarding. If you’re headed to App for the day, how about shoot us a photo or video at [email protected].

Appalachian is open with NINE of their TWELVE slopes and trails AND their awesome terrain parks. App has groomed and they are reporting a base of 12-24″ of snow.

Cataloochee Ski Area has added one more trail to their open terrain to go to 5 slopes and trails for day sessions only today on a base of 18-30″.

Sugar Mountain Resort is standing “pat” with their 4 slopes serviced by the new lift on a base of 10-22″ for day sessions only today. They report that ice skating will open on Wednesday.

We received some reports about Sugar having quite a bit of delay in getting the new lift running smoothly. Seems there were some hiccups in figuring out how to run the detachable. However, after a healthy delay reports were that the lift was FLYING. Here’s one of the better emails that we received about Sugar’s “Monday blues”:


Sugar Mountain Ski Report
Joe Berry posted this photo showing the awesome conditions at Sugar on Monday. This photo and the one above was a SnapChat by Joe.

Alright so full report for today. Finally got on the lift about 12:45 after waiting since 9:30 for the lift crew to complete something that should have been done at 5 am this morning… honestly think they should have gotten an instruction manual to go with their new lift because a bunch of the lifties were saying that management was trying to fix the lift the wrong way which he then realized after doing it the wrong way for 30 min…. so after the lift business was finished we finally got to ride the chair and let me tell you that thing cooks!!!!

I’ve never seen Sugar move anything that fast. It was great!!! We didn’t even have time to kill a beer on the way up compared to the previous lift we could kill 3 or 4 ha ha. Slope conditions were surprisingly really good. Great coverage top to bottom with the occasional sticky section but then again what do you expect when they have every snow gun on the mountain pointed your way. Honestly it was a good day and we were still able to get at least 15 runs on about 2 and a half hours or so… this new lift whipped me today and I’ll definitely be joining the gym ha ha. Some more photos and video for you. Feel free to use them. One of sugars lift taking off and a couple of the conditions. Take care. – Joe Berry


Thanks Joe for emailing and sending the pics. The videos were just too short to use. We appreciate all who send us reports. If you want us to use YOUR on-snow experience, email us and we’ll post it. Today’s post by Joe is our Photo of the Day! Way to go Joe!

Just to be fair – we attempted to reach out to Kim Jochl but they are not responding to our emails. We did receive a few emails related to the nearly 3 hour delay. (A couple reported four hours.) However that’s one reason that resorts like to get open early so that they can work out any kinks in their system. From all indications Sugar’s new lift lives up to the 5 minute ride to the top. We received a few comments from people watching Sugar’s webcam that the lift was running very slow early, but that was probably during the delay or trying to work out the kinks. If we hear from Sugar’s management, we’ll post their response.


Beech Mountain Resort is NOW reporting that they will open for the season on Friday, November 27th.

That’s it for today. Resorts will struggle to maintain what they have right now, but those that are open seemingly have plenty of base to manage the next few days as milder air and some moisture invades the area.

We’ll see how that all plays out for the Thanksgiving Day and Weekend skiing and snowboarding.

DON’T FORGET that Kenny and I will be at Appalachian Ski Mountain tomorrow morning to do a LIVE SNOW REPORT at 7:45am. Check us out at: Wednesday’s LIVE SNOW REPORT.


Enjoy your day and THINK SNOW! THINK COLD!

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