Up to Nine Inches of Snow Falls in the Last 48 Hours! See Where and the Forecast for the Next Few Days!

First Trax

Check the Snow Report for all of the details of trail openings and specifics such as tubing, ice skating, etc. Several ski areas have added another trail or two…or three to their offerings today. These very consistent cold temps have allowed resorts to make snow on unopened terrain and that allows them to toggle them on every other day or so. More resorts are 100% open today and others are nearing that magic status for ski and snowboarding enthusiasts.

From a trace of snow in the North Carolina Mountains to 9" of new snow has fallen in the last 48 hours across the ski resorts areas of the southeast and Mid Atlantic. This burst of snow has been a bit of surprise to weather gurus as most forecasted anywhere from 1-4" of snow would fall. This particular storm squeezed out a trace to three tenths of an inch according to Cocorahs reporters around the Western North Carolina mountains. None of the Virginia ski resort areas are reporting any measureable snowfall. The resorts into West Virginia and Maryland have gotten DUMPED ON as 5.6" has fallen in the last 24 hours at Canaan Valley and Timberline resorts. That makes for 7" of snow in the last 48 hours. Snowshoe Mountain has seen 9" in the last 48 hours and 5" in the last 24 hours. Wisp Resort in Maryland has also received 9" in the last 48 hours.

It it still snowing like crazy this morning across portions of West virginia and Maryland as this particular storm pulled moisture West to East straight across the upper tier of the Southeast’s ski areas.

Expect BOMBER conditions with deep powder for those areas and simply outrageously, great, groomed conditions at all the rest of ski resorts in the region.


I’m on a ski getaway of my own at Snowshoe Mountain in snowy WV this week and we have a big crew of people with us like normal. I’ve been doing my morning updates each morning and evening as usual but I was surprised to learn that we have NINE laptops among our crew of 18! That is 50% of our bunch that has been tuning in to check ski reports, weather and view the messageboard and of course their Facebook peeps, etc.

Lately I’ve received emails and PMs from people who are currently skiing at Beech, Sugar, winterplace, Wisp, Wolf, Cataloochee…pretty much at all of the resorts. More and more people are taking their internet connectivity with them, skiing and riding and then sharing their fun with family, friends and those of us who want to know what conditions are like across the region.

It used to be that people like me were among the minority of people sharing information like that. These days a ton of people are doing it and that makes what we do so cool (and easier) to do. We get input from dozens of sources and trip reports from all over that make it so easy to get a snapshot of what conditions are like from YOUR favorite ski area.

Thanks to all of you who send that kind of data to us. You guys rock and the rest of us appreciate the heck out of it!

We took a bunch of POWDER photos and video on Monday and we’ll share that with you guys later. The photo of the day on SkiNC this morning was taken by theKenDog from up at Beech Mountain in the last day or so. He captured Jason Vioral (MellowYellow on the board) doing his "getting low" thing on that board of his! The POD on SkiSoutheast.com shows some of our crew about a third of the way down Sawmill. The powder at 9am Monday morning was awesome and that is an understatement. It promises to be more of the same this morning. So I’m gonna wrap this up and go make some first tracks of my own, get some video and I’ll come back and share my technology with you guys!

There should be some PHENOMENAL Kodak moments no matter where you ski or ride today with the sun breaking out all across the region. Take your favorite photos and videos and email them to us at [email protected].


It’s been COLD and SNOWY for a while now. It’s getting colder over the next few days. How do you like that forecast? We’re hoping to see Brad Panovich’s weather update tonight and maybe we’ll have an update on how much snow we’ll be seeing heading our way in the next few days. Right now most weather gurus are leaning more towards some sleet, wintry mix kind of a forecast for Thursday/Friday but even colder temps thereafter with more snow. Enjoy it.

You can check the snow reports for all of the ski resorts of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and North Carolina via https://www.skisoutheast.com/skireports.php  as well as videos, photos and more.

Send your comments, videos, photos, trip reports and questions to: [email protected]  

SSAA: 0 for 31/saph closed//self 30/31
Sug 30.5bech 23/12/21
be 14+4+1 su 20+4+1.5

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