Up to 2 inches of Snow Hits Some of the Southeast Ski Areas!

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Sorry for the delay in posting the Southeast morning column this morning. I have been on the phone with John Costin, the owner of Ski Beech this morning and handling some other "front burner" issues that slowed me down. I’ve got a lot going on so let’s jump right into it.

Those of us in North Carolina and Tennessee woke up to a skiff of snow this morning. I used that term in an email response to someone the other day and they wrote back that they didn’t know what that was, nor had they ever heard of the term. I don’t remember where I heard it first but I remember someone telling once that it is of Scottish etymology and that it meant "to pass lightly over". All that is to say we had a dusting, okay!?! Some are probably now going to write me asking "what the heck is etymology"?

Look it up. It will do you good.

It looks like Wintergreen and Winterplace also saw a skiff of snow and AS HAS BEEN THE CASE ALL SEASON LONG – Snowshoe, Timberline, Canaan Valley and Wisp got more snow than anyone else!

Let’s move on to the notables:

We always say that we operate on an information IN is information OUT basis and to that end Laura Parquette of Snowshoe always provides a lot share with you guys…so we’ll give her (Snowshoe) top billing today.

They picked up 1" of new snow and it’s still snowing. They have a region-leading 58 trails open and what should be PHENOMENAL WEATHER from now through the weekend with snow in the forecast and cold temps to boot.

Laura writes, "As promised, cold weather moved in yesterday afternoon and the snow picked up overnight. More than an inch fell overnight and snow showers are expected to continue throughout the day today. Tomorrow the snow pickes up, with 2-4" possible, and snow remains in the forecast for the duration of the week. The cold temperatures have provided the perfect conditions for our snowmakers to work around the clock this week, continuing to add to our great base, and ensuring our slopes will be in excellent shape through March and the end of the season. Windchills will dip below zero even during the day, so be sure to bundle up out there. Also, please be aware of snowmaking on open terrain today. Conditions should be fantastic for this weekend, so make your reservations TODAY! **Western Express will have a delayed, 10am opening for routine maintenance.** Our snowmaking and grooming teams were in a great mood this morning when I talked to them at 5:30. These guys so incredibly hard, long hours, usually in the most miserable conditions. They always do a great job making sure the slopes are in great shape for our guests. They asked that I pass along a "good morning" to everyone today, but I’d like to pass along a big "thank you" to them for their dedication and hard work ensuring that Snowshoe is always the best in the region! Thanks guys, for another great season. We really do appreciate everything you do out there!"

I told you she shares a lot!

Canaan Valley is at 18° this morning and they have received 2" of new snow and it is still snowing there! They have 16 trails open with powder conditions.

Timberline Resort – 22° – 21 trails open with 2" of new snow and powder conditions for today!

Winterplace is at 22° and they saw a skiff of snow. They report, "Lingering snow flurries this morning with ideal snowmaking temperatures! More snow in the forecast for tomorrow and throughout the week! Awesome conditions with all trails and the terrain park open it is going to be a great day to ski, ride and tube."

They are open with 28 trails and 6 lifts.

Wisp Resort in Maryland is showing 20° and 2" of new snow and 29 trails open for business today. They also have two terrain parks, snow tubing and mountain coastering.

Bryce Resort – 36° – 100% open with some thin coverage areas. They did not make snow overnight but the forecast looks great for tonight as temps are expected to drop to 19°. There’s also a 60% chance of snow in the forecast for this Virginia ski areas and highs for the next few days are expected to be in the 30s and with lows in the 20s so things look great for snowmaking and quickly improving conditions.

Massanutten is reporting 25° but no snowmaking. Not sure what’s happening there but they have also dropped one of their open trails and now offer 10 trails, snow tubing and terrain features for today.

Wintergreen is also reporting 25° and made tons of snow. They added one trail to their open terrain for today. They now offer 16 trails, snow tubing and terrain features today. Anne Marie Jones writes, "A cold front arrived into the region last night bringing clear and sunny skies with temperatures in the mid to upper 20’s today. The extended forecast shows the cold front is expected to last through this week. Mountain crews are currently making snow throughout the mountain with a strategic focus on resurfacing much of the terrain and bringing additional terrain online throughout the week..

Today we have 16 slopes and trails open for skiing and riding and 4 lifts. The average snow base depth throughout the resort is 15-30” .

Tubing: The Plunge is open today from 2pm– 9pm."

Appalachian is blasting away this morning and should be in MARVELOUS shape today with 100% of their terrain open. They are at 23° this morning and looking very nice.

BIG STUFF is happening at Appalachian Ski Mountain this weekend!

Appalachian Ski Mtn and App Terrain Park are excited to announce that one of the 4 stops for the Salomon Jib Academy in North America is right here in NC! Thats right, the Salomon Jib Academy is back and better than ever for its second season, and will be going down at ATP this Saturday, February 23rd.

The Salomon Jib Academy is a series of Slopestyle events for athletes 16 years old or younger. Each event is FREE for participants and includes coaching from Salomons best freestyle athletes on the globe. Riders will be put in to groups in the morning with pro coaches to session some of the best terrain parks in the country. Athletes will then vote for the skier in their group that they think should receive a spot in the afternoons final throw down. Voting is based not just on skill, but attitude, sportsmanship, style, who is having the most fun, etc!

Now for the icing on the cake- Like last year, each winner from the US stops will earn a trip to Mammoth to ski and chill with the best freeski team in the world, Salomon! In Mammoth you will get to see what its like to participate in a private night shoot, live with pro athletes for a week and film in various projects! Youll also find out which Salomon athlete has the best bowling game! It doesnt get any better than this.

You can register online for the Jib academy HERE , be sure to sign up no matter what your ability, registration is for all skiers age 16 or younger! Its free and simple to sign up, and will definitely be a session to remember, so get registering guys and girls!

Cataloochee is at 28° this morning and making snow. They have 11 trails open and they are reporting their tubing hill as open today as well. Typically they are closed mid week, but they have it open today.

Hawksnest Resort is at 19° this morning and making great snow. The live webcam also showed evidence of some SWEET grooming by Lenny and/or Vance this morning. They look really VERY nice this morning (the slopes!) and they’ll offer 9 trails, terrain features, and snow tubing for today.

<Beech looks great this morning!~

Ski Beech – They are at 19° this morning and they made about an inch of new manmade snow overnight according to their report. They have recovered nicely from what conditions looked like just 24 hours ago. It is always amazing to see what some great snowmaking temps can do. Beech has significantly improved their snowmaking ability this season and they look very nice this morning. No bare spots showing. They have 9 trails open, terrain park and ice skating.

Sugar Mountain was the first ski area in the state to begin making snow yesterday (Surprise there huh?) and they made it all night and are making snow right now and will as long as temps allow. I’m going to borrow one of Snowshoe Mountain’s Laura Parquette statements this morning and say that Sugar looks good enough to skip out of the office, call in sick and make some turns! Darn that looks nice this morning! They have 19 trails, snow tubing and ice skating open today.

Wolf Ridge is at 32° this morning and making so much snow that they are creating their own cloud over there! They have closed the terrain park for today and are offering 14 trails and as of the morning report are saying "we are open to the top as of this report". That hints that they may close it for focused snow making, etc…so we’d suggest calling ahead. They are self-reporting some thin coverage for today.

Enjoy your day…

Until Next time…

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