Up to 18″ of Snow Blankets West Virginia Resorts – 12″ at Wisp – Great Conditions Everywhere!

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POWDER enters the terminology that we’re using on today’s morning update! Up to 17" of glorious powder has fallen in the last 72 hours or so at Snowshoe, 12" at Wisp Resort

That kind of snow brings out the child in all of us! I had to chuckle a bit when Lori Epp sent me a short video of her walking out in the deep snow at Wisp Resort. As she was skipping through the snow, she let out a girlish giggle. THAT’S WHAT snow does for those of us who love it. Way to go Lori. I plan on doing some "giggles" (okay more like laughter) myself as I head up that way.

Here’s the details as I’m in a hurry to get on the road this morning. I, my snow loving friends, am headed to Snowshoe today for a media weekend and I’ll think about my beloved mountains as I carve my way through 17" of new snow that has fallen since Monday!


WISP RESORT – 7° and Wisp is reporting 12" of snow in the last 72 hours and they now offer up 8 trails for skiing and riding. They now have had 14" of snow on the season and conditions should be sweet there today. (Get us some pics and video…more giggles are okay!)

SNOWSHOE MOUNTAIN – 7°- The mountain was blanketed with another 4" of natural powder yesterday bringing the storm total to 17" since Monday and 27" for the season! The slopes have an amazing base of more than two feet, and the powder conditions are going to make for an epic weekend.

Laura Parquette writes, "In addition to the great conditions and amount of terrain, the mountain is also hosting its annual Subaru Demo Days on Saturday and Sunday. The industry leaders will be onhand with the latest and greatest in ski and snowboard equipment. Take advantage of the free demos available and stop by Skidder Slope this weekend. After you’ve tried out that amazing new board or set of skis, get ready to be blown away by the King of the Mountain competition. Skiers and riders of all ages will battle for cash, prizes and of course bragging rights in the Slopestyle, Village Rail and Big Air competitions. If you think you’ve got what it takes, sign up on Saturday to fight for the title of King (or Queen) of the Mountain. You don’t want to miss any of the excitement this season at Snowshoe, so check out Snowshoemtn.com for a complete list of activites and events."

TIMBERLINE – 7° – They are reporting 6.5" of new snow and 18" in the last 72 hours! They were reporting that they would be open today, but perhaps they meant Friday AM. We’ll keep you updated and they will have great conditions when they do drop the ropes!

CANAAN VALLEY – David "Coop" Cooper up there sent us some awesome photos and you’ll HAVE to check those out on their Photos of the Day section

WINTERPLACE – They finally got in on the natural snow "act" and received 3" from the storm. That gives them about 4" on the season and they plan to open tomorrow.

WINTERGREEN RESORT – They reported 11° and now plan to open Saturday Morning. They wrote, "it is 11 glorious degrees at 7am! We are making GREAT snow in anticipation of OPENING SATURDAY MORNING DECEMBER 8TH. Like you, we are really pumped to get on the snow and plan to be skiing and riding Saturday morning. You should come and join us!"

BRYCE RESORT – They made snow and had a little natural TRACE of snow as well and plan to open Saturday!

MASSANUTTEN – They report 23° and 2" of new snow! They are making snow as well and are planning on a great opening day Saturday!

OBER GATLINBURG – They got in on the snowmaking game overnight as temps cooperated! Ober is planning to open in mid month.

APPALACHIAN SKI MOUNTAIN – 17° – one-half inch of snow – App made 5" of machine made snow and they will have superb conditions for today with 3 trails and 2 lifts in operation. They also offer ice skating and several terrain park features on the slopes. Don’t miss App’s new Fresh Friday events. See the story on the front page and also visit>

CATALOOCHEE – 17° – Trace of snow – On Thursday, The Cat will be skiing on six slopes with 2 aerial lifts and 2 surface lifts, Intermediate Lower Omigosh, serviced by the Omigosh Double Chairlift, Beginners Easy Way, Beginner Over Easy, and Beginners Rabbit Hill serviced by the Easy Way Triple Chairlift, the Wolf Creek Hollow Ski School Area serviced by the Moving Carpet Conveyor Lift and Beginner’s Luck Learning Area serviced by the Moving Carpet Conveyor lift on a base of 20-28 inches and a machine worked surface. They are riding from 1pm-10pm today!

Snow tubing enthusiasts will want to note that Cataloochee has began making snow on their Tube World park. They hope to open it by December 15th.

SUGAR MOUNTAIN – 13° – Reporting one-quarter inch of snow! – Sugar has a state leading seven trails to ride on today with what should be great conditions on a base of 10-36" of machine made snow.


HAWKSNEST – 13° – Trace of snow – Hawksnest is blasting their slopes with snowmaking and plan to open on Friday.

SAPPHIRE VALLEY – They are making snow and plan to open December 21st.

SKI BEECH – 11° – They received 2.5" of natural snow and are making snow like crazy preparing for their Friday opening. (See announcement on the front page for details.) The high today up on Beech should stay in the 20s so snowmaking efforts should reward visitors with a great first day tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll see some sweet first day corduroy.

WOLF RIDGE – They reported one-half inch of snow and they are making snow and will announce their opening very soon!


Special thanks to Kevin Stewart up at Snowshoe, Rob Story (again at Snowshoe) and Tripp & Bonnie Chiles for a great report from Cataloochee…and Anthony Clemons for his super report from Sugar. We also received some great stuff from Drew King and we’ll post those for you later on Friday!

People you need to check out the photos of the day from these guys. You can see ALL of the Photos of the Day for each resort for this and several years back back simply clicking on YOUR favorite ski area and then PHOTOS OF THE DAY in the right side column! SUPER PICS came in from yesterday for Cataloochee, Sugar, and Snowshoe.

Get out and snap us some great pics, send those videos and trail reports from YOUR favorite hill to [email protected]  

Send Your Comments, Pics and Videos to [email protected]

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