Tuesday’s Rain Tweaked Some of the Trail Availability but All in All Things Look Good for Today!

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The quick summary is that some areas got bunches of rain and some were spared the torrential downpours that hit areas like Western North Carolina, Wintergreen and other resorts. Hawksnest Resort is CLOSED for today. They are making snow and look to reopen on Thursday. Wolf Laurel / Wolf Ridge is closed and hoping to reopen this weekend but that is looking somewhat questionable.

Resorts into Virginia were spared the heavy rain except for Wintergreen, which lost 9" of base. Resorts further north have tweaked their slope opening to shut down trails that began to show thin coverage and surprisingly things look pretty good at most places, downright great and some and okay at a few.

Let’s get to the details…


Canaan Valley – 25° – They dropped 17 trails from where they were on Tuesday and now offer 16 trails for today. They have ended night skiing for the season. They are reporting a trace of snow. They are showing some thin areas via the webcam but things really look quite nice on their open terrain.

Snowshoe Mountain – 26° – They dropped 4 trails from yesterday’s open total and now offer 55 trails for today with Frozen Granular and Groomed conditions. Laura Parquette mentions "hard rain" in her report this morning and some GREAT news for Summit go-ers this weekend. She reports, "After a day of mild weather and hard rain, our groomers are hard at work trying to repair slopes this morning. We will shut down Knot Bumper, Knot Bumper Glades and Moonshine today due to conditions. Everything but Widowmaker should be groomed, although some grooming may not be complete until just before (and possibly just after) rope drop this morning. The good news is that temperatures should remain cold today, with a good chance of snowmaking resuming overnight.Up to an inch of snow is possible, with more snow in the forecast for the end of the week. We should have 58 slopes back open for the weekend, with Sawmill Glades dependent on some natural snowfall."

<Let’s go hit this trail!

Timberline Resort – 29° – They dropped 2 trails and offer 25 trails of what they are reporting as "loose granular" conditions. One look at their webcams will tell you that they look darn nice for today. They’ve also picked up 1/2" of snow this morning.

Winterplace Resort – 28° – They aren’t missing a beat from yesterday. They are 100% open with all 28 trails, a trace of snow and what management reports as "awesome March conditions". They are inviting everyone to attend a Deck Party this Weekend coming up with great racing for everyone and the chance to win skis and snowboards and other cool stuff!!! 

<No sign of thin coverage here!

Wisp Resort – 34° – They are looking great today with 29 trails of groomed and granular conditions. one look at their webcams will show some nice conditions for today!

VIRGINIA SKI RESORT REPORT (Less rain the most…)

Bryce Resort – They were lucky in that they didn’t get quite one-inch of rain from Tuesday’s storm and therefore things look pretty good this morning according to our contact there. She told us that they have a little thin coverage here and there, and that the snow tubing hill looks a little thin, but they are reporting 8 trails open for today (not the six that the SSAA is reporting). They are not cold enough to make snow as yet.

Massanutten Resort – Steve Showalter is reporting 39° and groomed conditions on 11 trails, including Diamong Jim from the top of their mountain. Steve said, "Yea we got REALLY lucky as the rain stayed west of us and we might have gotten a half inch of rain. We really poured the snowmaking on during the last cold blast and we have no thin coverage, no bare spots, no waterbars…we’re in great shape today!"

You heard it from the GM himself. Go get ’em!

Wintergreen Resort – 32° – They dropped 5 trails from their open terrain and offer 14 trails today. They are reporting a 15-35" base and that reflects some chances for some thin coverage area but those were most likely the trails they closed. They picked up about of 2-3" of rain and according to our contact they saw light rain until about 3pm and then it stormed all night and they lost 9" of base as they were reporting 25" of minumum base on Tuesday and 16" this morning. They told us that they look pretty good today on the 14 trails open.

TENNESSEE SKI RESORT REPORT – Looking good to the end

Ober Gatlinburg – 32° – They are running the same 5 trails that they had open yesterday with Groomed / Loose Granular conditions


After 5.5" of rain hit the High Country on Tuesday, we are now seeing light SNOW overnight and this morning! That was some amazing wind and rain yesterday and last night! I had a few gusts of wind that literally shook my home and we heard from numerous friends who were stranded IN or away from their homes due to bridges being blocked by torrents of rushing water. We posted in quick video to show how the rain made for some swollen streams and rivers in the area. Check that out at Watauga River Video https://www.skisoutheast.com/videos/videos_2008_03_04_Flood.htm(It’s not a professional vid, but provides a look at what 5" of rain can do!)


I know the subject on everyone’s minds this morning. The question of "what’s left" of the snow base at the resorts. The GREAT news is that it’s snowing although that is expected to be short-lived. The GREATER news is that we are seeing snowmaking going on and COLD temps which makes it perfect for pushing some snow around and repairing the trails from Tuesday’s rains. 

<They were making snow this morning! Looks pretty great to me!

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 25° – They are making snow and will as long as temps allow and actually look DARN GOOD right now! They are 100% open with both terrain parks and VERY NICE CONDITIONS.

Cataloochee Ski Area – 31° – They look fogged in early this morning but they look in pretty good shape with groomed conditions. They’ve dropped a couple of trails to offer 8 for today from 1pm-10pm. At lunchtime on Tuesday Tammy Brown sent us an update that announced, "Due to the inclement weather in our area, Cataloochee will not be open on Tuesday but will reopen on Wednesday, March 5 at 1pm."

That rain was amazing! The Cat looks pretty good today, but expect some Spring Conditions.

<Closed today but making snow and planning to reopen Thursday!

Hawksnest Resort – They were closed on Tuesday because of the inclement weather and high winds. That 3" of rain really did a number on their hill and Lenny Cottom has made the call to REMAIN CLOSED today. THEY ARE MAKING SNOW and will focus snowmaking as long as temps allow and plan on reopening on Thursday!

Ski Beech – 22° – They saw nearly 3" of rain yesterday and that revealed some thin coverage and bare spots. That triggered a couple of trail closures and they offer 8 trails open for today. They are making snow and are reporting 1/4th and inch (dusting) of snow so far and frozen granular conditions.


Beech has had some issues this season and has caught the ire of fans of the mountain. We received a BUNCH of emails yesterday just after Ski Beech sent out one of the email broadcast literally Tuesday morning while the rains were pouring. The email stated, "Let it snow! Half-a-foot of fresh powder just this week and more on the way!"

They pushed traffic to their website which reads, "Great snow as we head into March… We started off the month of March with some great conditions. A snowfall last week brought us 9-12 inches of fresh snow, and we added to that with snowmaking so that we could head into March in a really good way. It is still winter up here, and there is still time to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy snow sports at the highest ski resort in Eastern North America."

Man I know these guys have caught some hell, but I’m guessing that the email broadcast was scheduled earlier and while they could certainly update their website to more accurately reflect what’s going on…THEY DID HAVE A GOOD START TO THE MONTH. Of course that was wiped out with Tuesday’s rains.

David Renner wrote probably the most pointed email of more than 100 that we received. He stated, "My wife is on the Beech email list and we just got an email that says they got a half a foot of snow this week. Isn’t that a misrepresentation because isn’t Sunday the first day of the week and wasn’t it last week that they got snow? Isn’t it blasting you people with rain right now? Are not those bald spots on the webcam right now? You guys should be ashamed."

Wow, David…I don’t know where to start, except to say that we did get a few emails like yours and rather than try to answer all of them individually, let me try to answer your statements and questions (and others like his). First, you’re right in that Beech’s snow was last week, but that’s being a bit picky. I’m certain that Ski Beech didn’t mean to say that the snow was THIS week or the last three days. The comment was a reference to the snow that fell within the last week or seven days.

As far as their website comments, Beech (like many resorts) does not update their front page commentary like we or some others do. Beech is pretty straight up in that they provide a live webcam and they also have self-reported "BARE SPOTS" on their morning slope conditions report. NO, they do not have GREAT SNOW today…but with cold temps in the forecast and snowmaking happening as we speak, they will be in good shape in a couple of days.


Sugar Mountain – 23° – They are making snow and they are fogged over right now (as is Beech) making it hard to get a look at the slopes just yet. However, they have only reduced their trail count by one today. They have 18 trails open, snow tubing and ice skating as well. They are not reporting any bare spots but there’s probably a few thin coverage areas…although the will no doubt have very good conditions for today with only a possible, isolated thin area or two…or three.

Wolf Ridge is still closed for this week with the idea that they will reopen if they get the chance. We’ll keep you informed.


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