Travis Roberts of Tazewell, Virginia Wins this Weekend’s FREE Ski Getaway!

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Let’s Announce The Winner of Our Ski Getaway! …and then tick a few people off!

As promised, at 10am this morning we began clicking through the thousands of entries for the FREE SKI GETAWAY for this weekend! Our first call went to James W. of Carolina Beach, North Carolina. NO ANSWER!

So we went to the next click on the list of entries and could not believe the great luck of James W. – because the second click fell on his wife (or girlfriend) Melissa W of Carolina Beach, North Carolina. (Same address). NO ANSWER!

Now that was cruel luck!

Our third phone call went to Ronald E. II of Satellite Beach, Florida who entered last night around 10:30pm. NO ANSWER!

(We told you guys when we were picking this winner at 10am and to be by the phone, expecting to win!)

Three people’s bad luck turned into great fortune for Travis Roberts and his wife from Tazewell, Virginia. We called, HE ANSWERED.

When I told him who I was and why I was calling he responded with, "SHUT UP! GET OUT OF HERE! NO WAY! I’VE NEVER WON ANYTHING IN MY LIFE!"

Well now he has. Travis mentioned that he, his wife and Travis’ parents had just returned last night from a mid-week ski trip to Snowshoe Mountain and he was flipping out that he is now headed to North Carolina to ski FREE for the weekend! Travis mentioned that he had always said that he wanted to ski NC but had not made the trip down before.

As our winner, he, his wife and family are staying in the beautiful Boonedoggle Boone Vacation Cabin in Boone and skiing free at Appalachian Ski Mountain for this weekend! You can see this awesome cabin by clicking here> Blue Ridge Vacation Cabins! It is available to rent and offers a great getaway convenient to Appalachian State, and all of the area’s attractions!

Thanks also to Appalachian Ski Mountain and 1st Tracks for partnering with us to give away these great ski getaways!

If you haven’t won yet, don’t give up hope because Travis told us that he had been entering our many contests for three years and had never won anything in his life.  We have several more ski getaways and a bunch of free passes to giveaway yet so stay tuned and enter.


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