Tom Wallisch Memorial Day Weekend On Snow Railjam at Wisp Resort

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One last reminder to make plans to attend the best Tom Wallisch Memorial Day Weekend On Snow Railjam ever at Wisp Resort… thing are shaping up for a great event, the sponsors have really came out to support this event. There are $1500 cash for the great crew at Verizon. Scott, Monster and many other sponsors have stepped up to make this event great. The hay covered snow has held well and it looks like there will be more snow than last season, even with all the warm temperatures and rain there was this spring. The plan is to start uncovering the snow around 5pm and grooming it out and having everything set up for practice around 7:30pm with the competition starting around 8pm. The set up for the event looks to be a flat down flat box, flat box, the big barrel handrail, flat down box and the Special Monster Barrel. Philly Cheese and Zander will be playing the tunes for the Railjam, the grill will be open on the deck and the Adventure Park Café and Bar will also be open. Awards will follow the competition on the deck.

This whole event would not be possible without Tom Wallisch, his agent Tom Yaps and all of Tom’s great sponsors that stepped up and made this event possible. It is sure to be great event, especially this year with all the sponsors and the nighttime event format under the lights at Wisp Outdoors Adventure Park. The Wisp Resort Hotel still has a few rooms for $79 for night on Friday & Saturday night – just ask for the Railjam rate.

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