Time for some Action – Think and PRAY for Cold and Snow!

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Be sure to check the ski report / slope conditions page for detailed resort and slope openings. I am working out of town this morning and on a S-L-O-W internet connection that makes for a very frustrating time! Imagine trying to get your emails to come in…and every other one has 12, 2meg photos attached to it…AND you’re on a dial up connection with Earthlink at about 46K speed. Reminds of years ago when that’s all we had! Truth is we wouldn’t be able to do the job that we do with this website if we were still on dialup.

We have tons of photos, several GREAT videos and a lot of information to share with you guys and as soon as I get back in town to our broadband connectivity I promise to get them all uploaded! Even my backup help is out of town attending the Appalachian State Football Game!

Speaking of App – Congratulations to the Boone, North Carolina based Appalachian State Mountaineers football team! Can anyone say, “DYNASTY!?!” Appalachian went 14-1 this season and defeated UMass last night in Chattanooga, Tennessee 28-17 to win their second-straight NCAA Division I Football National Championship! Congrats to App and all of their fans!

Let’s Talk Weather – and What YOU can do!

First, the consensus of local and regional weather gurus is that we’re going to stay in this mild trend for a few more days. Before we provide more insight, here’s what you guys should know about how those mild temps will affect the snow on the slopes.

There’s PLENTY of snow at most resorts. There IS and will be some discoloration and thin coverage areas that will begin to show through at many ski areas. So conditions over the next few days WILL begin to be very much Spring-like. Some forecasters were saying that cold temps would invade the region and allow for some snowmaking. Those didn’t materialized and Meteorologist Marcus Lynch of WCYB in Johnson City, says to be patient. He and other meteorologists are forecasting that COLD temps and maybe even some very timely winter precipitation may be in the forecast and hit right around Christmas Day! How would THAT be for some great timing?!?

Marcus Lynch says to expect highs in the 30s and lows in the teens around that time and two other weather forecasters are even saying that we may see enough moisture in the mix to see some Holiday Snows! That would be so cool!

As important, however, are those colder temps that will allow the snowguns to crank back up and blast the trails with snow. The call here is that things are going to deteriorate after this weekend…so get out and ski and ride this weekend. Then chill through next week, enjoy what we have…and be THINKING COLD AND SNOW!

Time For Some Action –

Yesterday I responded to a few people who had asked us for some advise and within my response I used the “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” comment. They asked and we replied with some help and suggestions. Two of those visitors responded back to us with very similar emails. Here’s one from Julia Marbry of Baltimore, Maryland. (We asked if we could use here name…) She wrote, “I love your website. We found it three seasons ago and would not consider going skiing anywhere in the area without checking your reports and day to day photos first. It has become “the bible” of skiing for the region’s ski and snowboard enthusiasts. The reason I am writing is that you answered our questions wonderfully and began your response with ‘Ask and Ye Shall Receive’. That got me to thinking, why don’t you organize a gigantic effort to pray for snow?!? You know, Ask the Big Guy upstairs and ye shall receive. Just a thought. Keep up the great website.”

Julia’s right. A few years ago some of the local resorts organized a fun, tongue-in-cheek, effort to some Cherokee Indians out on the slopes to do a snow dance. (We’re pretty sure the Indians took it seriously! You should have seen the MOVES on this one squaw. Just kidding my Native American friends…just kidding!)

However, this trend of mild weather has got to go. It’s time for some serious action. It’s time to Ask and Ye Shall Receive from the REAL DEAL. Yep, God Himself. I know what some of you are thinking. HE is too busy to be bothered with trivial stuff like snow and cold air. Hey MY OWN daughters don’t fret whether I’m busy doing important things when they interrupt me to ask for what I think is pretty petty. Oh, others of you are thinking, “Has this guy lost his marbles?” If you’re offended, don’t believe, have some other fake gods, etc…I hate that for you guys. However, if you’re reading this morning’s update and BELIEVE…here’s what we’re asking you to do. SOMETIME today just make it a point to include a request for more seasonable cold temps and snow for our area’s ski resort regions. Maybe we’ll bug God enough today that He will give in and shut us up!

So today…the theme is THINK and PRAY for COLD AND SNOW! …and thanks to Julia Marbry of Baltimore, and Robert Carnes of Orlando, Florida for your suggestions. Why the heck didn’t we think of that first!?!

It’s an otherwise – slow news day, so until tomorrow…

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