Timberline Resort Brings the 2007-2008 Ski and Snowboarding Season to an End after Today’s Sessions

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It is 36° and they are getting some light, misty rain this morning at Davis, West Virginia.  The forecast is for Mostly Cloudy skies and a high near 52° with light winds for this last day of the 2007-2008 ski season for Davis, West Virginia’s Timberline Resort.  It won’t be a pretty day, and the conditions won’t be pretty either as Timberline is reporting a 0-18" base (meaning lots of bare spots) on the 16 trails that remain open for this last day. Timberline turned their live cam off a couple of weeks ago (which is one of the reasons that our friend Joe Stevens doesn’t like the cameras) but regardless, there is certain to be a LOT of fun for those few hearty souls that venture out so that they can get one more turn down the mountain and say that they were either THE LAST to ski down – or one of the last to make a trek down a slope within the Southeast and Mid Atlantic for the ski season.

This has been one of the longest ski seasons on record (if not THE longest) as Snowshoe Mountain was the first ski area in the Southeast to MAKE snow back on November 2, 2007.

Then Cataloochee and Sugar Mountain resorts in North Carolina began making snow on November 5th and raced against each other to see which resort would be the first in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic region to open for this season.  They both opened on the same day (November 7th) but Sugar took the honors by opening at 9am, while Cataloochee debuted at 1pm.

That was 151 DAYS AGO! That is ONE month short of being ONE-HALF of a year! The 2007-2008 ski season lasted FIVE MONTHS.

If nothing else attests to the strength and efficiency of our snowmaking ops at the South’s ski areas – that does!  Congratulations to Sugar Mountain resort in North Carolina for being the first to open; congrats to Timberline Resort in West Virginia for being the last to close; and of course congratulations to ALL of the ski areas of the region on having a successful season despite the challenges that the weather provided all season long.


Jessica Scowcroft of Timberline writes, "This is our last day of skiing for the 2007-2008 ski season. Timberline is offering $1 lift tickets after 12pm on sunday!"


That is a question that we’ve been asked a few times and we THINK that we know, but we have to do a little quick checking on our math to make certain that we are correct.  We’ll share that information with you guys on our season wrapup that we plan to post within a few days.  So check back on that.

We also think that we’ll have some exciting news to share with you guys about what one particular resort plans on doing over the Summer…and of course we’ll try to get you some news about what is planned for all of the ski areas during the "off-season".

So if you’re in close proximity to Davis, WV today, go get in a few more turns.  Otherwise, check back soon!

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