Thursday Southeast Snow Report

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Snowshoe Mountain Resort and Timberline Resort in West Virginia are the lone ski areas open in the Southeast. Spring Conditions are really quite nice as can be attested to by looking at the photos of the day today. Andrea Smith of Snowshoe sent us a couple a nice images from yesterday and the Timberline web camera took a nice snowy shot early this morning and both resorts look quite inviting.

We detailed what’s happening this weekend over the last couple of days (check the archives if you want to know what is going on where) and all you need to know for today is that things will be quite nice on the slopes. Temps today should get into the mid to upper 50s in West Virginia’s highest elevations with a 70% chance of showers and maybe even a thunderstorm. We were looking at the forecast for the West Virginia mountains for this weekend, since that’s where the only skiing and riding will be going on and according to the National Weather Service office things are not looking too good until Sunday.

Actually the heavier chances for rain that was being forecasted for Friday have now been downgraded to only a 20% of light rain. So there’s a great chance that we can dodge that one. The bad news is that evidently something has slowed the system such that the main part of the rain system won’t hit until Saturday. Yesterday they were calling for a shot at snow…and now the NWS is calling for 80% chance of rain and highs in the 40° range. HOWEVER — if you don’t like THAT forecast, cruise over to and they are saying that there is an 80% shot and a rain and snow mix with a high closer to 35°. If you guys know anything about the elevations around Snowshoe and Timberline…we’re going out on a limb here and saying that the top of the mountain will be seeing snow and the bottom might see some mix. How’s that for riding the fence. Sunday is also a toss up as the NWS is saying Partly Cloudy skies and is saying to expect a few lingering Snow showers with highs in the 37° range.

Regardless, it’s the last weekend of skiing at Timberline Resort and the next to the last weekend for Snowshoe. So get packed up and make the trip. It will be an adventure and the great thing about Snowshoe is there’s so much else to do around the mountain so if it does drop a little underdeveloped snow…you can still have a great time…and when it is snowing or if nothing at all if falling from the skies…there’s TONS of snow to enjoy.

Get out and enjoy the day!

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