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Before I get into the real content of this update here’s the update on conditions at the TWO ski areas in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic that are open at this time.

Cataloochee will offer one session of skiing only, day skiing from 8:30am – 4:30pm, with a morning and afternoon half day rate also available. Weekday and student rates will be in effect on Saturday and midweek season pass holders may use their passes as well. On Sunday, they will be skiing from 8:30am-4:30pm with weekday rates as well. There is limited food service available.

Tammy wanted us to make sure that you guys know that they have their 8th annual Season Pass Bash today sponsored by Ski Country Sports from 11am until 5pm. Pass holders can come and get their passes made and take a look at seasonal rental equipment from Ski Country and ski or ride in the same day.

Sugar Mountain is making snow this morning as the temps up there are 23° this morning at their summit and 29° at the base. They will make snow as long as temps allow today. The Yellow Lift will operate today servicing Upper Flying Mile & Lower Flying Mile. Weekday Lift Ticket Pricing will be in effect for the weekend!

Both ski areas SHOULD be able to make snow tonight and then it will be "iffy" for Sunday night and that could be it for early snowmaking until sometime mid-to-late next week. Western North Carolina may not see snowmaking temps again until Friday, November 16th and for areas northward around Snowshoe it may come as early as Wednesday of next week. FYI, Snowshoe IS still making snow at every opportunity and the temp there this morning is also in the low 20s. Snowshoe has been getting some light snow flurries on and off and should see more today.

That takes me to the main subject of today’s update. I began receiving emails last night from people throwing down all sorts of negative comments, such as:

"Tommy P" from Greensboro – "It sure looks terrible for anyone wanting to ski next week. The weather’s the pits and there won’t be anything left for next weekend. Here we go again."

"Carl D" from Nashville – "Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! I was planning to ski on Monday but I don’t guess it will happen. Winter’s around here have been the pits that last few years!"

W-H-A-T  T-H-E  H-E-C-K are you guys drinking?!?

First, it is NOVEMBER 10th! I repeat, N-O-V-E-M-B-E-R 10th. In most years we would not have even SEEN snowmaking and slopes open. Without the improved technologies within the snowmaking industry, there would be no chance of skiing like we did last season when Cataloochee opened on November 4th, and again this season when Sugar and Cat both opened this past Wednesday, November 7th. The traditional opening dates for the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski areas has always been Thanksgiving Weekend. The very fact that resorts can open prior to that on occasion is amazing.

The truth is – the resorts that are open right now are opening this early because THEY love snow as much or more than most of the rest of us, and they do it as much to create the excitement of what is to COME…as they do to open and hopefully stay open. In other words, they made the snow they made and if it works out that Mother Nature cooperates and provide some bursts of cold air to KEEP good snow on the slopes, then great. If not, then at least they have a good start on freezing up the ground and laying a foundation for more snowmaking when more consistent cold temperatures come in.

So take a chill-pill my snow loving friends. It is VERY early, and in fact, we’re not REALLY officially in anything more than just a preseason where the ski areas are just getting ready for the serious fun. THINK POSITIVE, THINK SNOW, THINK COLD.

If you out on the snow today, send us some pics and video (and Trail Reports) and share the fun and excitement of a day on the slopes with the rest of us.

If you haven’t do so yet, be sure to SIGN UP to send us TRAIL REPORTS this season and show everyone just how cool it is to ski in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic!

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