There’s skiable terrain for the weekend, less open slopes but Things Get Better Sunday!

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Check the slope reports page for all of the slope openings, surface conditions, etc.

We are moving into new offices today and therefore short on time, so bear with us as we simply give you guys a quick tour of notes that were provided to us this morning.

Matthew East has provided his weather forecast for the entire Southeast and Mid Atlantic for the weekend and Christmas week. The cold coming in will be a welcome sight for ski area snowmakers. The temps expected Monday AM should be in the 20s for highs and near single digitd for lows and it should be cold enough to continue to make snow around the clock across the entire region into Tuesday. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are looking a bit snowy as well! We don’t want to steal all of Matthew’s thunder, so check out his Skier’s Forecast for the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski areas

Here’s a tour in the order that I updated them this AM:

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 50° – They have 8 of 10 trails open. They closed Hard Core and Thin Slice for today. Ice Skating and both terrain parks are open.

Cataloochee Ski Area – 50° – They dropped a slope opening day and have 5 trails open for day and night skiing.

Hawksnest Snow Tubing Park – They are open and we watched some pretty cool live webcam shots of people enjoying the hill last night.

Ski Beech – 47° – They have closed Upper Shawneehaw for today and they write, "We have been experiencing above normal temperatures as well as periods of light rain lately, and we have decided to delay the opening of night skiing until the first of the week around December 22nd. Much colder temperatures are expected to arrive Sunday, and the forecast tells us that we should be able to produce some good ski conditions as we head into Christmas. Be sure to check our trail map page for current conditions… Although we have not made snow over the past few nights, our grooming crew has been working to provide a nice ski surface for you to enjoy."

Beech is offering 4 trails (Lower Shawneehaw and down) for today.

Sugar Mountain – 46° – They are holding strong with 11 trails for day and night skiing and ice skating as well.

Wolf Ridge Resort – 50° – They are offering 4 trails and tubing for day and night sessions which speaks well for their snow maintaining.

Expect some bare spots and a few thin coverage areas especially along high traffic or trail merge areas at numerous resorts. There’s plenty of snow and skiable terrain at all resorts and things will be far better beginning Monday.

Be sure to click over to  to see what’s happening into the Virginias, Tennessee, and Maryland ski resort areas.

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