The Weather Turns Colder and Snowmakers Ready to Fire Up!

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Yesterday we began getting a lot of emails on asking for information about lake trips! I guess that’s just going to happen when the temps roar up to 69° and actually surpass that across the Southeast and Mid Atlantic!

I was out at Appalachian Ski Mountain Monday evening and the temp was 64°, dropping only to around 59° by the time we headed home. The warm air was working against the cold snow on the mountain and it created a fog that was kind of cool around 8pm.

While I am talking about Appalachian, I have to say that I am my crew had the best time skiing and riding at Appalachian. The conditions were nothing short of amazing. I’ll post some pics and video today, but I was fully expecting soft, mash potato-like snow and instead we rode some amazing snow for most of the evening. Appalachian’s talented crew worked and groomed every foot of that mountain between day and evening sessions and when we got on it for first tracks at 6pm it simply could not have been a better surface to ride on!

I was also a bit surprised as to how many people were on the mountain. While there were nothing more than 30 seconds or so of lift lines, there was quite a lot of people on the hill. It made for a good time by all. A couple of hours into the night session, the traffic did loosen up the snow quite a bit, but even so it was a nice surface. FYI, they have a phenomenal base with no hint whatsoever of any kind of thin coverage. They are in great shape today and obviously they and all of the ski areas will crank the snowguns back on this evening as temps drop into the mid 20s.


As expected, the mild snap will end tonight and Thursday through Tuesday looks great. Highs in the 30s to near 42° or so and lows in the 20s and even teens by Sunday night. There’s some snow in the forecast Saturday evening.

Some areas may see a bit more snow throughout the next couple of days. The great news is that the snow making ops will fire up tonight and throughout the next few days to make for some great conditions no matter where you call your favorite mountain.

So make those trip plans and get on YOUR favorite mountain this weekend!


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