The Weather is Changing as we speak…

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The light rains that we were seeing earlier is now turning over to snow. We just received a "heads up" that it is now snowing at Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. Yea!

The weekend will be a COLD ONE…bundle up everyone!

On Another Note: We have been receiving emails from over towards Timberline and WISP about our coverage and comments about natural snow reporting. One of those emailers has informed us about postings on’s messageboards! Seems we’re stirring things up a bit. That’s not our intention…but if it gets everyone reporting natural snowfall depths correctly that’s great!

As one email stated, "It really doesn’t matter how much snowfall has fallen…it’s what’s on the slopes that counts." That is true…but people do make decisions on where they are going to go on how much REAL STUFF might have fallen and we just want to see fair and honest figures so that when we recommend and report on some resort…our visitors will see that report and KNOW that they can count on it being what they will find when they arrive!


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