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We have a lot to cover this morning so I’ll keep this first item as short as possible. If you have been sending us emails of reports, photos, etc PLEASE CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS FOR ME TO: [email protected] I’ll look into it a bit further on Monday, but emails to my [email protected] address are not getting to me. So if you have sent reports, photos and such to any other address, PLEASE RESEND THEM.

I was wondering why I had not received many photos of late! While on the subject of asking for reports and photos, if any of you have any photos from yesterday’s polar plunge, I’d love some. Thanks!

Thanks to WCNC’s Brad Panovich! – We watched WCNC (NBC 6) in Charlotte a good bit yesterday and Brad kept us informed a good bit about what was happening here in the mountains. Brad also showed our newest LIVE CAM, The Blowing Rock Road cam, on his 8:15am forecast. He plugged the website for us…which is always great! Thanks again Brad.

Snow Reports – The monster snow didn’t pan out this time…but the conditions will be GREAT at your favorite ski area for today and the next several days. Here’s a list of known snow totals:

Appalachian reported – 2"
Cataloochee reported – 1"
Hawksnest reported – 5"
Ski Beech – 3.5"
Wolf Laurel reported 3"

The magic snow cloud hovered over Sugar’s management office again because they are reporting (AGAIN) more than everyone else in the High Country. They are reporting 7-9" on their website and all we can say is that the rest of the emails that we received (to SkiNC) reported 3-5"…and we were over there when the snows stopped (other than a dusting last night) and they might have had 3-4".

Editor’s Note: – We received ONE email yesterday from someone thinking that we were bashing Sugar. I don’t know where he got that impression because we have NEVER bashed Sugar. The resort is great. All we have done is failed to relay figures that they tend to inflate every single time it snows. Other resort operators snicker when we bring it to their attention (of what Sugar reported) and instead of snickering…we report the facts. If the facts disagree…you’ll have decide for yourself, who has the vested interest in reporting accurately or inflating measurements. Calling US unprofessional for reporting inaccuracies makes US unprofessional? I don’t think so. It makes US RELIED UPON.

We posted a photo of the day of their sign at 9:30am and we zoomed all around and while we all DID get snow…there just is not 7"-9" of snow over there. Sorry if that upsets any of you. We just think that it is incredulous to get reports from all AROUND Sugar and they report 3-5 inches and ONE AREA ALWAYS GETS THE MAGIC SNOW CLOUD? Cmon. A TEN INCH snowfall would have snow piled up on structures, rooftops, etc and one ZOOM to Dereka’s Sugar Mountain Rentals shows a couple of inches on the roof. We tried to contact our normally reliable Sugar Mountain reporter but have not gotten through as yet. We’ll let you know when we get it.

Skiing will be great today! – The weather looks to be great for skiing this week as well. Here’s Brad’s latest. Notice that his report is somewhat different than what Ray Russell is forecasting. We’ll see who gets it right!

Forecast update:

What a mess this weekend, but at least we got some good snow out of this storm. Could have done with out the freezing rain which made travel pretty bad across the Southeast. Form the reports I’ve seen the totals were about 5-8” in Avery county North Carolinas with most areas seeing about 4-6” . Snowshoe got about 1-3” of snow but still could see some good snows today with another 2-4” of snow due to Northwest flow snows.

Light snow showers will develop this afternoon along the entire Appalachian chain as cold air moves in from the Northwest. That and the location of an upper low moving through will allow some scattered amount of 1-3” The snow showers will continue through Monday as the coastal low moves out to sea off the North Carolina coast.

The middle of the week looks tranquil a mild, similar to last week with highs near 40 by day and lows in the 20’s at night. So conditions and skiing should be great this week.

Now to the big news, well if you’ve read here kind of old news with some updates. The late week potential snowstorm! Things are still looking promising and even better in some cases. A wave of low pressure will moves out of the Southwest early this week and allow for a Gulf of Mexico low to form at the surface by Wednesday. The low tracks right across the gulf coast towards northern Florida then up the Southeast coast. This is a good position for a band of heavy snow on the Northwest side of the lows track. Still some questions about where it tracks and how far inland the moisture makes it. I do this the cold air will be there, if the moisture can make it inland far enough. Still many question but the ingredients are coming together, let’s wait and see if we can bake a snowstorm pie!

Stay Tuned and good skiing!

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