The Sun is Coming Out; It’s SNOWY! What are you DOING reading this Post! Go Ski!

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Saturday was a GREAT, GREAT day to ride! I can’t attest to the weather at all of the ski areas but from a few of the emails that I received not only were conditions GREAT no matter where you chose to ski or snowboard on Saturday, the weather was super. Cold – yes. However there was very little in the way of wind for a change! Although the forecast was for more of the same kind of weather that we’ve been having around here (brutal cold, even more brutal winds, and snow) we only saw frigid temps and snow! Minus the winds, it felt like a 25° day even though the temperatures here at Snowshoe never crept above 10°.

More glorious snow fell across the region as yet another one-inch of snow fell across Canaan, Timberline and Snowshoe Mountains. Wisp Resort reported an inch of snow in the 24 hours as well. Beech Mountain’s Gil Adams reported 2.5" of new snow via his Cocorahs morning update. Winterplace is reporting another 4" but that’s exactly what they reported on Saturday morning so we’re thinking that’s maybe a glitch this morning as most of the Cocorah reports from the area closest to Ghent are all reporting 1-1.5" of snow in the last 24 hours. Appalachian Ski Mountain is reporting 2" of new snow.

Snow CONTINUES to be in the forecast for much of the region for today and the next few days and that means that these awesome conditons will continue as well. Today might feel like a Spring day compared to what we’ve seen lately as the temps will be in the low 20s for highs in some areas from North Carolina into Virginia and Tennessee. The WV ski areas will be a tick colder in the upper teens. We should see some snow flurries across the region again today and some of the ski areas may see some sunshine again today after this last round of snow moves out. It doesn’t appear that any crazy winds are in the mix for today so Sunday should be a stellar day to ride these awesome conditions.

Today is another travel day for me as I’ll be heading back to my home base near Seven Devils, North Carolina. I had the pleasure of making some great turns with my buddy Joe Stevens on Saturday. He and I, and my daughter Carrigan also met up with Snowshoe’s Laura Parquetter and we made a couple of turns down Upper Shays Revenge and Lower Cupp. That was among the best conditions that I have skied Cupp in. I don’t know…there was that crazy POW day a couple of years ago, but there was a good bit of powder on much of Cupp on Saturday and from top to bottom the conditions on Saturday were pretty darn sweet.

I received a few emails that relayed to me that conditions at Massanutten, Wintergreen, Beech and App were in that same category – great! I’m been limited for laptop time in the last couple of days with the road trip and the meetings I’ve made, but I’ll be posting a ton of photos and videos that I and you guys have sent us. If nothing else my staff will hit them on Monday morning and we’ll get the best of those up pronto.


Either it didn’t go down or those who had planned on being there haven’t gotten around to posting Trip Reports yet this AM, but I didn’t receive one email, photo of video from the event. I’ve got some first tracks to make with my media buddies this morning so I’ll have to wait and follow up on this oversight once I’m back home this evening.

Speaking of media buddies, I met up with Knoxville’s WBIR Weather guy, Mike Witcher on Saturday. Mike’s orginally from Denver, Colorado and one heck of a skiing weather dude. He had emailed me a few months back about colaborating on some webcams. He didn’t know we were also He’s a weather guy who lives to ski so we’re certain to be connecting on some future promotions. If you’re one of our viewers in the Knowxville market, be sure to check Mike out on the morning weather over there. It was fun making some turns with Mike as well.


One of the media attendees here at Snowshoe this weekend is Connie Lawn, who is the second longest serving White House correspondent/reporter – behind the ever-aggravating Helen Thomas. Connie calls herself "The Skiing White House Reporter" (that’s even on her business cards) and to her credit she’s been writing about skiing, snowboarding, and wounded warrior events for 6 years. She has been covering the White House and the world since 1968.

She and I spoke (non-stop…mostly her) during lunch on Saturday. Okay, that’s probably not totally fair to her. She works in Washington D.C. and has to butt her way into the frey at the White House so it probably comes with the job. However, she’s a moderate leaning Capitol Hill gal who seemed as equally impressed with me as she is Obama, so I’ll cut her some slack.

She wants to be our "Washington Ski Correspondent" so we’ll see…

OH MAN, the sun is breaking over Snowshoe…and I have FIRST TRACKS with the PREZ at 8:30am so I’ve got to wrap this up. NO, NOT OBAMA…the PRESIDENT that I like and appreciate! President Bill Rock. I’ll elaborate more this evening or maybe Monday morning but I had a great time sitting down privately with Bill, VP Ed Galford, Marketing Director Craig Low and Communications Guru Laura Parquette for a one hour Q & A on Saturday. We got it all on film thanks to Snowshoe’s Ed Schneider and the questions came from a lot of our messageboard peeps and we’ll be sharing what I think was a very interesting hour of conversation with these guys later in the week.

I gotta run…so check the SNOW REPORT for the details for today.

Go ski. Go ride. Go do something on all this snow today!

Check out the Snow Report at  and please send us you favorite ski photos, ski videos, trip reports and comments to [email protected]  

Until Next Time…

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