The and Season Comes to an End Today!

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As of today, March 30th, 2009, all of the ski areas in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic are CLOSED with the lone exception of Timberline Resort in West Virginia, which is OPEN on Monday and then plans to close this week and then re-open (weather permitting) this weekend. Wisp Resort is closed today through Friday – but they also are still saying that they will re-open on Saturday. As if that wasn’t stretching things enough – both plan to do the same thing NEXT week and weekend. They are both planning to be closed during each of the next two weeks, but be open for the next two weekends – choosing to close April 12th.

As we’ve said for the last week – we’re still not seeing that happening, but we salute them for trying! According to the National Weather Service we’re looking at some more rain coming in Tuesday evening and sticking around for a day and a half, then after a short break in the weather for Thursday – more rain is coming in for Thursday night and Friday. We’ll see though…


We’re still some 36 hours or so away from April Fools Day, but seriously it snowed across many portions of the region on Sunday and some areas are still getting a dusting this AM. We’re seeing light snow across the tops of Sugar, Grandfather, Beech and Hawksbill this morning and some of the other live webcams around Canaan, Timberline and Wisp are showing some light snow as well. That is a fitting end to what has been a great 2008-2009 season across the region.


Despite the fact that Wisp and Timberline are going to reopen for a day or so in the weeks ahead – we are calling it quits for the 2008-2009 season. We have so much planned for the next 12 weeks or so, we’re going to need every available hour to implement some new travel websites.

We invite you to keep an eye out for these new websites (as well as some old ones) and check back sometime in September for new information on and  – Will be a new travel portal with lots of great vacation ideas  – This new website debuts sometime in April.  – South Carolina is huge on golf, and we are too!  – This site will be “going under the knife” for a bit of a makeover!  – We’ll be fixing some old cams, and debuting several new ones!

So stay tuned and have a great Summer! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day during this season. We hope you’ll come back this Fall!

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It was a GREAT 2008-2009 Ski and Snowboarding Season and we thought we’d close the featured photo with something snowier than a meltdown of Spring Con
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