The Old Farmer’s Almanac Winter 2005-2006 Outlook

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In recent days we have covered the Winter Outlook 2005-2006 from:

Brad Panovich – 1 to 3 degrees colder than normal and about 25% snowier than normal

Ray Russell – 1 to 3 degrees colder than normal and about 25% snowier than normal

NOAA – Equal chances of it being warmer or colder than normal and less or more snowy. Ya think??!!!

My Dartboard – Colder and Snowier

Even Niko the Woolly Worm and several chipmunks and squirrels in my yard all agree that this winter should be a good one! I had a tough time getting the rodents to pause for a moment as they were scurrying around collecting nuts and acorns.

Since we’ve been on the "What’s going to happen this winter kick, I figured we might as well wrap it up with one of the best, most accurate Winter Outlook prognosticators around – The Old Farmer’s Almanac. We touched on the fact yesterday that the Almanac is calling for a colder and snowier winter for us…but here’s the details.

They say that this winter will again include a pattern of wild weather swings. Without a strong La Nina or El Nino, the Atlantic Ocean becomes the chief factor in the weather. These and other patterns dictate that cold air will build over the center of the continent. resulting in a colder than normal winter for us and most of the Northeast.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac says to watch for these dates as cold and snow makers:

They say that December as a whole may be up to 7° colder than normal. The 1st through the 4th will be cold and flurries. The 5th through the 13th looks like significant snows with some cold sunny days mixed in. The 14-18th looks like MORE cold and snow.

They are also predicting some snow north and rain south during the Christmas dates of December 19-26th. The rest of December looks like it will be cold and sunny according to the Almanac.

They also predict that January will be some 8° colder than normal with the 13th through 21st looking cold and snowy. The Almanac is also predicting Cold and HEAVY SNOWS for the 27th-31st.

February may be warmer than normal by up to 7° according to them, although they are predicting HEAVY SNOWS for the 1st-7th of the month. The rest of the month appears to be near normal to mild according to them.

March may be about 3° below normal with come rain and snow to start the month and then snow showers from March 6th-13th.

You guys help us remember to look "BACK" once we get deep into the season to see if the Almanac was close, right on or way off. Regardless, it looks like things should be wild and woolly around here this winter. Let’s get to thinking COLD and SNOW early.

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