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We’re in the last days of skiing for the 2004-2005 Ski Season in North Carolina so from here through the REST OF THE SEASON, this report will cover both the North Carolina Ski Areas and the rest of the Southeast as we consolidate our reporting. For unique Photos of the Day…visit

Well folks, this is the LAST day of Winter, with Spring entering the area on Sunday morning at 7:33am. It has certainly been a roller coaster of a season. We’ll leave the summaries until after the ski season is over. Needless to say though…that March has been a nice month to ski and ride in the mountains of the North Carolina. THIRTY FIVE INCHES of snow fell on Beech Mountain in March with slightly less at the lower elevations and temps have made for a great finish to Winter. Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia has seen SIXTY NINE INCHES of snow in March!

North Carolina Ski Areas

The conditions at Appalachian, Cataloochee, Ski Beech and Sugar Mountain will be great this weekend. The temps will warm to 50 degrees today, maybe a bit milder on Sunday and whatever light rain we may get will nost likely be LATE this evening and shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the slopes. Sunday will be great as well, and Monday should be partly cloudy with temps around the mid 50s. That is good news to Appalachian and Sugar…but particularly to Ski Beech fans as Ski Beech is offering FREE SKIING TO ALL COMERS FROM 8:30am to 4:30pm on Monday.

Ski Beech will then call it quits for the 2004-2005 season Monday at 4:30pm. Cataloochee is operating for day skiing only today and Sunday and then will close for the season Sunday at 4:30. After Beech closes up Monday afternoon, that will leave Appalachian and Sugar as the two resorts still skiing deeper into March.

People , People – We received a lot of emails just after we announced Ski Beech’s planned closure Monday and most of it related to the statement/question of "why close when they have the most and best snow of the season?"

The reason has nothing to do with snow…and all to do with simple economics. They were seriously thinking of remaining open another week and we even received an email from another staffer up there that thought that they would stay open through next weekend. However, they looked at the upcoming week’s weather and with rain in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday…and NEXT weekend looking iffy as of right now…they knew that any traffic would be light and decided to call it quits. From our perspective, and looking at the forecast, we’d have to say they probably made the right decision.

Special Thanks to All of our media contacts! – We want to thank all of the television, radio, newspaper and magazine outlets that used our data, cameras and photos this season. You guys and gals are the greatest. You definately help us get the word out! Special thanks go to WCNC’s Brad Panovich. Brad and crew created some special graphics when posting our information and ski reports each broadast and gave us a lot of publicity in Charlotte this season. Thanks to him and all of the TV markets that promoted our efforts. Also special thanks also to Joe Miller of The News & Observer in Raleigh. Joe informed the good people of Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill about our services with great regularity. We were promoted by over 50 television stations and countless newspapers and magazines this season and we really appreciate all of you that helped make more people aware of and

While thanking people, I have to also give a shout out and special thanks to Joe Stevens of Snowshoe Mountain who has put us in constant contact with a lot of media people into Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and other areas. Thanks again Joe.

Okay…just because we’re taking the time to say thanks to all of these people DON’T think we’re done here on SkiNC or There’s a fair amount of skiing left! Appalachian Ski Mountain will keep skiing until March 28th and we’re thinking that Sugar may call it quits the same day…but don’t be surprised if they extend their season just a bit.

The Virginias

Snowshoe Mountain is the cream of the Southeast right now regarding conditions. With a 68+" base and temps that have stayed in the teens and 20s of late…they head into late March with phenomenal conditions. Winterplace and Timberline also are offering near mid-season conditions here on the last day of Winter so no matter where you choose to ski…you’re going to have a great time on the slopes.

Bryce Resort and The Homestead, both located in Virginia, will be closing up ski operations on Sunday with the rest of thr resorts in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland staying open through March 27th or longer. Remember that Snowshoe has previously announced that they will remain open until APRIL 10TH!

SNOWSHOE RESORT We announced this yesterday but it deserves another mention. If you have a season pass with another resort in the region or country, you are in luck at Snowshoe Mountain Resort for the last three weeks of the season, March 20 – April 10.

If you book two nights of lodging from March 20 through the end of the season, you will get your lift tickets for free. The free tickets are just for the pass holders. So don’t give up on making those final turns of the season, as other resorts in the region begin to close. Snowshoe Mountain will be open through Sunday, April 10.

See you guys on the slopes..

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This is Kent Jackson who is enjoying a great day of skiing at Snowshoe Mountain this week – He skis the same Atomic SX-11’s that I do – Great Ski!
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