The Best Conditions of the Season for North Carolina Ski Resorts!

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After this past weekend’s snows, all of the snowmaking crews across the region began blasting the slopes.  Most have been able to make snow around the clock and add anywhere from 2-4” of snow to the trails on each of the last few days.  That is making for THE BEST SKI CONDITIONS of the season right now!  Old Man Winter decided to stick around this time and along with great snowmaking temps, we are also in for a little more natural snows as well.  An inch or so of snow is expected tonight, then beautiful blue skies to enjoy it on Thursday and then snow on Friday, Saturday and Sunday across the state.  Accumulations are not expected to be heavy, but we can expect an inch or so each day over the weekend.  Maybe a little more in some areas.

Let’s Get This Clear As a Bell!

I received a few emails from people “WONDERING” what the conditions were going to be like this weekend at the ski resorts.  Then I popped on to the messageboard this morning and saw a few comments “HOPING” that conditions might be “decent” this weekend.  WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN!??!

ALL of the ski areas are in GREAT shape right now and with the weather we’ve had and the long range forecast for more cold and snow…they WILL BE PERFECT for a prolonged number of days.  We’re seeing the next two weeks as COLD with continued chances of snow.  The conditions right now are a 8.5-9 out of 10 at every resort.  (We hold out that last point or so for deep natural snowfalls, so minus the natural stuff we’re at PEAK conditions right now across the board.)  If you have a trip planned anytime soon, you will be blessed with great snow conditions!

What’s with us not linking to Sugar’s Website?

We’ve been asked that question a number of times this season. Some have complained that we should link to them since we link to every single other ski area in the Southeast.  We’re trying to work something out, but it hasn’t happened as yet.  We’re really quite tired of having to answer that question so we’ve made one last attempt to work out some plan that we can get you guys the additional information you’re wanting without having to search any further than right here.  We’ll see how things go today and then we will answer that question in detail on Thursday morning so check back then.

We appreciate the support in one for or another, from ALL other ski areas.  While I’m on the subject of “all other ski areas” we really want to thank Jim Cottrell, Eric Hess and others at App for keeping us informed with happenings at Appalachian and for your devotion to the Special Athletes of the Southeast Region Special Olympics Winter Games!  Also thanks to Kent Jackson and Eric Hess for providing us with more than 200 photos from the games this past weekend.  Appalachian has really taken to that “Information IN is Information OUT” principle!

Here’s some notes from around the area:

Appalachian Ski Mountain is still making snow on Hard Core and Thin Slice.  They MUST be doing something special on those two runs because they have kept them closed for a couple of days for focused snow making.  Appalachian (as with all of the resorts) have their best conditions of the season right now.

Word has it that the Terrain Park is going through yet another mutation! The terrain park has been expanded to the lower half of Hardcore/Thin Slice. A marked area contains: the 25ft handrail, the 16ft flat rail, 10ft tabletop, and 16ft box.

The bottom tabletop has been newly remodeled and new snow was pushed for the landing, table, and jump. Additionally one of the C-rails has been set up in a banked position on the side of the table. That’s not all! At the top of the slope a drop-in leads to the new 20ft. goal post rail, the new 22ft. kicker rail, and the trapezoid rail. All of these are on a large platform the width of the slope.

Beyond these features is the 40ft flat rail, the 9ftx16ft wallride, and the Flat Down rail, which was recently added to the mix. App’s Terrain Park designers don’t plan on staying pat and they have a 30 ft Rollercoaster Box under construction.  They plan on taking the covers off of that construction pretty quick!

The scene at Hawksnest has been quite pretty of late.  Lorrie Tomlinson shot some very nice images for us up there over the last couple of days.  Those are posted on the Photos of the Day section.  Conditions are the best they’ve been all season at The Nest.  We’ll be making some turns up at Hawksnest this evening with some friends from about 6-8pm.  If you see us, be sure to say hello!

Sapphire is planning to open tonight for night skiing.  RJ and the crew down there say that they will be open for night skiing only Wed, Thurs and Friday.  They will be open from 9am-10pm Saturday and Sunday.

Ski Beech is enjoying the best conditions of the season.  Like everyone they are making snow and if you’re heading up to Beech today or tonight, enjoy Retro pricing on tickets and rentals.  How’s $15 for a lift pass and $10 for ski rentals?  Word has it that The Oz Run will open anytime!

Until Next Time!

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