Sunny Skies for a Couple of Days – More Wintry Weather this weekend?


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Before we dive into the forecast, be sure to check out Greg Dobson’s story on the “Snowstorm Synopsis”.  Greg is at Appalachian State University and has been a contributor to SkiNC and SkiSoutheast from time to time.  We’re trying to influence him to come on more often but we’ll take what we can get from him.  Many times when we’ve posted weather data, snowfalls, etc, Greg will send us the “official” word from the National Weather Service and this time around most of the North Carolina and Virginia reports were dead on.  His data for West Virginia shows that some of those reports may have been off a bit, but heck they’ve had so much snow on the ground it’s probably hard to tell what part came from this past weekend’s storm.  Snowshoe was reporting 19” from the storm and according to the information that Greg posted and information that comes from the Snowshoe Mountain security office and reported to the NWS, Snowshoe might have had more like 13” from this weekend’s storm.

So for all of you weather gurus who sent me “the real data” thanks tons.  You know who you are!

Now to the weather:

We’ve been so busy with the winter storm that we’ve neglected posting comparative data and records for the last few days.  We appreciate those who emailed asking us about them.

Last year on Valentine’s Day we saw a high of 42° and a low of 31°…and we actually had a little light rain.

Traditionally we are in a very productive period for snow.  As weather history goes, we’ve had some of our most prolific snowfalls during this week ahead.

The records for February 14th in weather history are:

Record high was 66° set back in 1949.

Record low was 1° back in 1971.

The record single day snowfall was 9” in 1971.  So February 14th, 1971 was one cold and snowy day.

The forecast is going to be easy today.  Expect Sunny Skies from today through Thursday with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s and 30s.  Nothing special and easy to report!  We do have some light snow or wintry precipitation coming in over the weekend and we’ll cover that more tomorrow.

Until Next Time!

Check out for more information and also be sure to check out for more weather information about ski resorts to the north!

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