Sunday will be rainy and yucky … and it isn’t pretty as more resorts close.

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Appalachian Ski Mountain closed until Wednesday. Ice Skating is open.

Cataloochee is day skiing only today and is reporting “encroaching edges”.

Hawksnest is closed until Wednesday.

Sapphire had closed earlier last week and will reopen once snowmaking kicks in.

Ski Beech closed Friday evening and they too will reopen ASAP. Perhaps Wednesday.

Sugar is open for day skiing only today. We were over there on Saturday and it isn’t pretty. They are charging weekday rates ($38) for skiing and riding today ƒ¼ I KNOW they are fighting to remain open, but $38 for the product that’s out there? I suppose some will choose to do it. Hats off to Sugar for the fight, but Appalachian looks better and they are closed til Wednesday.

There’s been no report since yesterday on Wolf, so we’ll leave it with what they had yesterday.

The pick of the state is Cataloochee, with a second going to Wolf Ridge.

I don’t know that it matters much which resort gets the pick on Sunday as rain (and a lot of it) is forecasted for most of Western North Carolina. Some forecasters are saying that some locations will get as much as 1-2” of rain. So expect more closures on Monday…until the snowmaking ops come in. Actually there IS a slight chance that temperatures behind the rains of Sunday will make for natural snow and maybe even snowmaking tonight as they should drop to around 34°.

The GREAT news is that our snowgirl is beginning to work (see Saturday’s story) as forecasters are now saying that we should see some snow flurries early on Monday and then 2-4” of snow could come on Tuesday and Wednesday. More importantly snowmaking temps will be on tap almost around the clock for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That will have the resorts looking VERY nice by mid week and ahead of time for the all-important MLK weekend.

We’re not going to talk about the forecast for MLK weekend just yet, because the snowgirl has got to do some whammy work on it just yet. Stay tuned and we should know more by Monday or Tuesday.

I’m connected via a dial-up internet connection this morning, but I will be posting some photos and more information later on Sunday…so check back.

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