Sugar Mountain Resort Season Ends at 4:30pm Thursday; Snowshoe Mountain to Stay Open through April 2nd.

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This morning is the second in a row of 24º temperatures at Snowshoe. It is 29º at Sugar Mountain Resort. Those cold temps will unquestionably firm things up and with the snow grooming that those two ski areas can do, there will be some corduroy to ski or ride until the temperatures mild up later in the day (and with skier traffic).

Sugar Mountain Resort remains open for one last day today, before ending their season at 4:30pm this afternoon, Thursday. As you can tell in the Photo of the Day up top, there is a decent, 20′-40′ wide swath of snow to ski or ride at the base – and it is much wider in the middle portion of the trail. Upper and Lower Flying Mile is open all the way to the top.

Some on social media reacted to simply driving by the ski area on Hwy 184 and looking up at the mountain. When you do THAT, you may come away with the mistaken impression that you’d have to ski or board through mud to connect to certain parts of the open trails. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Some of you guys are a tough audience!

There Will Be No Skis or Boards Harmed in the Filming of Any Ski Runs Today ‘-)

Actually, Sugar’s seven open slopes are all skiable without having to click in and out as some on Facebook have suggested.

Kudos to Sugar’s crew, and to the head man, Gunter Jochl for giving locals, fans and season pass holders ONE MORE day to play.

Sugar may be s-w-e-e-t, but Snowshoe’s conditions are a bit sweeter today.

Comparing base to base shows Snowshoe’s average of 40″ base is the better ride today. Click to Enlarge.

The TOP Ain’t Bad Either!

Click to Enlarge this morning capture at Snowshoe Mountain from 8am this morning.

I’m kind of loving the use of words longer than mayonnaise on the part of Snowshoe’s marketing crew this morning. I’m pretty sure I have never heard a day or the slope quality described as “quintessential”, but I LIKE it and it is appropriate.

Snowshoe posted this statement about this gorgeous, Thursday morning on the mountain:

Another quintessential spring skiing day is in the works with fast corduroy in the early going before mild temperatures soften things up for the afternoon. Spruce is open as a terrain park. Progression is open as a green ski trail. Upper Flume is open for Basin access only (Soaring Eagle lift is closed). Please be aware that there are some thin areas and bare patches so ski/ride with caution.

Time is running out to take advantage of the Spring Pass Sale! Grab your 23.24 season pass by this Sunday to get in on the lowest price of the year.

The sun is shining this morning on both open ski areas in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic and it IS definitely a day that would draw praise as ‘most perfect’ and/or an example of ‘top quality or class’.

Snowshoe Mountain dropped two trails and are offering 24 slopes that should be pretty awesome for this late in the season.

Many, Many Thanks to Our Readers and Followers of SkiSoutheast and ResortCams

Not exactly sure WHY we’re seeing such an increase in late season traffic and visitation to the sister websites, especially without the influence of “White Gold” (natural snow), but with more than 28k visitor sessions in the last two days, it is hard to believe that we’ve only got FOUR more days to play on the snow here in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic.

As I have been doing over these last few, late season days, here are some reader shares from yesterday:

Marc Lorenzen wrote:
“The resorts and guests, who made the most out of something(almost nothing!), deserve a huge shout out for their hard work, passion, dedication, and love of the outdoor winter industry and recreation. My hats off to you all . And to Ski Southeast FB page for letting us follow you, thank you! We will do it again next year!”

(Glad to hear that Marc and thanks for the nice comments.)

Michael Marrone responded to some nice Photos of the Day shared:
“So, why are ticket sales slow? Are the conditions not conducive to good skiing? (I can’t tell from the pictures…they look pretty good to me). I would think people would be skiing as long as they could!”

(Michael, things ARE a bit different here in the South compared to out west. (No duh, right?) However, just 30 minutes away from our mountaintops, elevations can drop 3,000′ and temperature differences have people thinking of all things Spring and Summer. I have to admit that my own thoughts have been on getting to the lake and prepping for boating season.)

Andrew Diamond reacted to our comment of why Sugar and Snowshoe would not make snow for these last few days of the season:
“There isn’t enough money in the lift ticket sales for the remaining few days to go to the expense of making snow. It’s been a challenging year in the east. I get it.”

Tim Eason wrote in response to why resorts close with plenty of snow, but a lack of skier interest:
“It is quite difficult for us “low landers” to think about snow as the pollen wrecks our sinuses and covers everything in sight…I will give it to the staff, they have done an excellent job with what got dealt to us here in the Southeast. Hopefully, the coming ski season with be better. Everyone have a great and safe summer!”

Will Sugar, Beech or Appalachian Join Epic or Ikon Passes?

Carl Niemeyer wrote:
“Hi Mike, I like your articles and live in Charlotte.  When will Sugar, Beech or App join Epic or Ikon? Which resort will join first from your perspective?”

(You know Carl, that IS an interesting question and we’ve received that a few times this season. It is also a question that I have not specifically asked about. However, I will make it a point to inquire and remark on later – with the answers/responses I’m provided. As to my own guess? I can’t really see either App or Sugar doing it. I’m not much of a betting man, but if I WERE to wager on which of the three would join, I’d put the money on Beech Mountain to do it first.)

I will add, though, that I am doubtful that any of the three would take part. We’ll see.

That will do it for me today. Man, thanks for all of the nice emails and posts lately. Keep them coming. If you are doing Sugar on this last day of the season OR if you happen to be playing at Snowshoe for these last four days – or HECK, if you are playing out west, email me your thoughts and any photos or videos to [email protected]

Stay well my friends.

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