Sugar (and others) Closing for the Season after Day Skiing Today; Other Southeast Resorts “Press On”

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Sugar Mountain is CLOSING AT 4:30pm TODAY FOR THE SEASON!

The temps dropped down cold enough again last night for many of the ski resorts to make snow and Appalachian and Cataloochee in North Carolina took advantage of that and did so.  Sugar Mountain chose not to make snow for the second night in a row.  We reported a few days ago that the word up there was that they were not making anymore snow and that does appear to be the case.  We zoomed the camera in around the mountain each of the last two mornings and although they certainly have some thin coverage and bare areas…they don’t look too bad. Nevertheless, even though everyone was speculating that they would stay open until March 26th, they are not.  That means that Cataloochee, which was the first ski area to open in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic – will also be the resort with the LONGEST ski season in the state this year. Congrats to Cataloochee for that honor. It has been a great season for The Cat.  Congrats too to Sugar on a great season.  As we have speculated most of the season – we’re betting that Sugar set a single season attendance record this season.

So that leaves Appalachian and Cataloochee as the last two NC Ski areas standing.  Both made snow tonight. While some areas have been watching base depths drop – Appalachian has actually ADDED to theirs with three straight nights of snowmaking.  They should be in primo shape for today.

Cataloochee also made snow and they are open with 8 trails and 4 lifts for DAY SKIING ONLY.

Sugar Mountain is open with 15 trails today for day skiing only.  They do have some thin coverage and bare areas but plenty of good ski terrain for their last day of the season. If you want to do Sugar go get them. One note – the SSAA is incorrectly reporting that Sugar will be open for night skiing.  Sugar is reporting otherwise.

Massanutten Resort in Virginia is also calling it quits after day skiing today.  That has been the plan there all along.  Mass will have seven trails open and Spring Conditions (thin and bare spots).

Wintergreen made snow last night and last night was their last night skiing for the season.  They are still planning to make snow when possible and stay open for TWO MORE weekends.  Cold air is trying to filter into the region but right now it looks borderline as to snowmaking temps for the week ahead.  Right now Wintergreen is looking good enough to make it to March 26th…but they will need some help to have good enough conditions for their April 2nd closing weekend of festivities.

Wintergreen has 15 trails open today and THEY DID make snow last night so expect VERY NICE conditions early.

SNOWSHOE MOUNTAIN in West Virginia – Why did I cap this one?  Because they have been blessed with perfect weather for snowmaking and the conditions there on Saturday were amazing considering the weather we’ve all had of late. Snowshoe made snow last night (and the previous couple of nights) and after grooming, the conditions were simply sweet from 9am til about lunchtime and even though the loosened up some…it was still very nice all day.  I spent some time skiing Upper Shays and Cupp Run on Saturday it the conditions over there were really sweet.  The crowds appeared mid day and lift lines around Ball Hooter were in the 10-15 minute range, but many times I skipped over to Grab Hammer where I could ski right to the lift. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!

We had a LOT of fun at the base of Silvercreek yesterday.  Andy, the DJ on duty was cranking out the tunes and many were getting into the fun of the races and surrounding atmosphere.  All of the racers were having fun and SOME were really serious about the competition as some impressive speeds were being attained on some tough turns – which made for a few yard sales. We ran into Jillian who was competing with Foxfire Grill’s team, after she was racing to wait tables at The Yodeler at lunch on Saturday.  She was hustling! …at Yodelers!


Snowshoe has 50 trails open today and if you’re up that way…the Snowshoe 2 race ends at noon.  Stick around for the party!

Winterplace Resort made snow as well and with the temp being 20 this morning, their snow should be pretty nice on Sunday as well!  They have 24 trails open for your riding pleasure today.

Wisp Resort isn’t showing that they made snow last night even though they could have.  They are in good shape today with 20 trails open and they have more fun activities going on as well.  Check their website for more information at

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