Sugar and Cat Trying to Open!

First Trax

by Kenny Griffin – [email protected]

For those who haven’t heard, Cataloochee announced on their Facebook page yesterday that they are hoping to open this Saturday at 8:30am!  I was so pumped yesterday when I found out.  Then, this morning I come into the office and hear that Sugar is wanting to open TOMORROW.  As in Friday. 

Now, I can’t even control my stokedness.  Yes, I said stokedness.  I’m not sure if that’s a word but I’ll go with it.  Everyone will probably be laughing at me today as I go around the office with an extra bounce in my step.

Quite frankly, I’ll be both impressed and/or surprised if either resort does open by Saturday.  Temperatures over the next 48 hours will be cold and both resorts should be able to get in a good 36-42 hours or so of snowmaking.  Next week’s temperatures look rather mild though, and it’s doubtful that either would be able to stay open for too long.  While both ski areas have rather impressive snowmaking infrastructures and it’s been done before, it’s just crazy to think that I will be snowboarding on Saturday after playing tennis in 60 degree weather just the other day! 

Regardless, I will be crossing my fingers in hopes that both will indeed open.  Props to both resorts for even attempting to do this.

Keep checking back for more updates as things develop.  I’ll be watching the cams at both places today pretty intensely.  I will also be working on getting a video forecast made and posted on High Country Weather tonight or early tomorrow.  It’s a pretty exciting time around here!  Think snow!

Also visit the new Sugar Weather Center at The temps are coming LIVE from atop Big Red. Compliments of Sugar Ski and Country Club at

More to come.



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