Southeastern Ski Resorts Offer Remarkable Conditions on Sunday, March 5th, 2023…Considering

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The photo of the day, above is from late on Saturday at Snowshoe Mountain.

If you’re reading this FirsTrax post you are one of the more enthusiastic, snow-loving souls within the Southeast and mid-Atlantic. How do we know that? Because, when temperatures off the mountain reach into the 70s, it takes a pretty educated ski and snowboard fan to know that our ski resorts still have snow on the slopes.

We usually don’t start seeing our traffic and overall skier interest begin to drop off until mid-to-late March, but heavy rains and mild temperatures have quickly transitioned even the most diehard of snow-lovers into Spring and Summer activities and mindset.

If you are reading this post, you owe it to yourself to do a virtual tour of the webcams because it really is astonishing how decent-to-good the conditions are. There is no question that the best snow right now is found at Snowshoe Mountain and Timberline Mountain in West Virginia. They were able to MAKE SNOW on Saturday and add inches to their base depths.

Appalachian Ski Mountain certainly looks the best of the North Carolina resorts. They have awesome looking, side-to-side coverage and plenty of terrain open.

It’s crazy but Beech Mountain Resort looks better TODAY than on Saturday morning. Some fancy grooming has them  looking darn nice this Sunday morning.

Wisp Resort in Maryland focused snow-farming and grooming to make Squirrel Cage pretty awesome for today.

That’s it for Now…

Sunday’s post is admittedly short today. I’ve been scrambling (ever since Saturday evening) to get some talks going with the young couple who is reportedly purchasing Wolf Ridge. I’m hopeful that this news is not just another disappointment to Wolf Ridge Resort fans as they’ve rode the roller coaster of emotions over the years about supposed new management and/or ownership coming in.

In closing, this time last March 5th I was skiing in a snowstorm at Timberline Mountain after a wonderful weekend of perfect conditions and perfect weather. What a difference a year makes!

If you’re interested in the Wolf Ridge Resort news, check back. I’m hopeful of getting some intel later this morning and today. If not, then as soon as possible.

Stay tuned. Email me if you like at [email protected]

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