Southeast Ski Resorts ALL are boasting GREAT conditions!

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11:45am Update:  We should probably save this news for more towards the end of the season, because we always get emails asking about what conditions are like as things wind down in March.  However, Tom Parsons, a ski patroller at Cataloochee, created a great video which shows just how GREAT the conditions were on the last day of last season.  Conditions are not the reason resorts usually close down…it is a lack of skier interest.  We’ll cover that at a more timely place later in March, but we thought you’d want to check out the video.  A link to it is at the BOTTOM of this story…

Cataloochee’s High Meadows Run was the subject of a lot of Monday photos of the day and we’ll be posting all of them this morning.  Thanks to everyone who sent some! Dana and Tyla, your photos rocked!  The photos sparked so much interest that I was flooded with emails from people wondering how long it would remain open. Austin Beeghly from Orlando called me asking the same question and was planning an early flight such that he could hit that trail.  I’m sad to say that Tammy Brown, the bubbly Public Relations Director for Cataloochee wrote me, “…it was a phenomenal day – you guys are the best – thanks for always being there! I wish you could have come and skied it!”

The reason for the use of past tense is that sadly – sigh – The High Meadows Run is closed.  The pearl of a run is only open during the kind of natural snowfalls like the one that hit this past weekend. It’s a rare gem of an area to ski and if you get the chance, jump on it.  Dana Bolden and Tyla Wannamaker sent us some remarkable images and we’ll share those with you today.

Tammy Brown did want us to inform you guys that the Quad Lift is back up and running.  They had some transmission problems but all is well now and that’s a good thing with the HUGE President’s Day Weekend crowds hitting this weekend.

On that subject, we were invited to head to Snowshoe Mountain for the weekend.  We have several friends heading up tomorrow and after I had a second glance at the calendar I had to decline. With the amazing weather we’ve had of late and two feet of snow up there in the last couple of weeks…oh my goodness will it be crowded! (That’s even more basis for my prediction yesterday that several Southeast ski areas will break single season attendance records this season.)

It was going to be a busy weekend regardless, and with the snow that we’ve HAD, combined with the SNOW that is hitting this weekend…expect some amazing crowds. That’s wonderful news for all of the ski areas, because unlike last ski season, this one has provided near perfect – to perfect weather for every important date.  MLK and President’s Day weekends are crucial to the success of all resorts and the weather’s been great.

We’re going to let the slope conditions speak for themselves today and simply say that if you are not on the slopes today, NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO SKIING OR RIDING, you are missing some of the best conditions of this or any season.  If you have a trip planned for this weekend, you are in for one sweet time!

Team Extreme Wins!

Congrats to “Team Extreme” who won the Monday night competition over at Sugar Mountain .  Kent Jackson, one of the ski instructors at Sugar provided us with some nice photos that we’ll share with you guys in just a bit. 

The guys have been doing some season long comps on Monday nights up there and from all reports it was a huge success that they are certain to repeat again next season.

The Extreme Team has been the subject of several nice email compliments received by us in the last couple of weeks for their helpful and courteous staff.  They are obviously a talented crew ON THE SNOW as well!

One of our On Snow Reporters also captured a nice photo of SM Prez, Gunther Jochl in “speed pose”, that we are sharing with you guys both here and in the Photo Gallery. The man can make some pretty good turns!

Speaking of the Photo of the Day Galleries…they have gotten so huge this season that we have now separated each resort’s photos of the day so that you don’t have to scroll through thousands to find what you’re looking for. 

Later today, you can click on ANY ski resort in the far right column of the front page of the website and on each ski resorts summary page, you will see a click for THEIR photos of the day, as well as live cameras, maps, slope conditions, season snowfalls and more.

One quick reminder that we’ve now mentioned several times, but it deserves your support is the fact that tomorrow night, (Thursday) Hawksnest is putting on a benefit for the Watauga Education Foundation. Thursday February 16th, Hawksnest will be donating the proceeds from lift tickets, rentals and snow tubing tickets to the Watauga Education Foundation. Night lift tickets will be discounted to $12 and snowtubing will be $15 for a 1 hour 50 minute session. Snowtubing sessions will start at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. They will also be having FREE beginner lessons for skiers or snow boarders at 6:15pm and 7:30pm. Go out and show your support for the WATAUGA EDUCATION FOUNDATION!

Check the slope conditions reports and go ski…anywhere in the Southeast!  They are ALL in wonderful, fabulous, great, pristine, near Epic shape!

Tom Parson’s Video Link: Click here to see it! 

Until Next Time!

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