Southeast Ski Areas in for a Mild, Springlike Week Ahead!


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Winter is definitely not over but Old Man Winter must be napping somewhere and Spring is doing its best to entice minds to think of things other than skiing and snowboarding.  We have some mild weather for the week ahead.  Here’s a breakdown by featured ski areas:

WISP IN MARYLAND – There is a 30% chance of rain today and highs around 68°. Tonight brings a 70% chance of rain and lows around 46°.  Friday should be cloudy with a 30% chance of more underdeveloped snow and a high of 62°. Saturday should be another spring-like day with variably cloudy skies and a 20% chance of rain and highs around 63°. Saturday night offers a 40% chance of rain and 45°. Sunday?  You guessed it…a 30% of rain with highs around 65°. Monday?  Okay you get the picture – 30% chance of rain and highs around 65°. Tuesday and Wednesday things cool down a good bit with highs in the mid 50s on Tuesday and 40° on Wednesday with a 40% chance of rain or snow mix.

CANAAN VALLEY AND TIMBERLINE RESORTS IN WEST VIRGINIA – Pretty much ditto the forecast for Wisp.  There’s only a degree or two difference in temps and the very same weather pattern.

SNOWSHOE MOUNTAIN WEST VIRGINIA – Look I’m not being lazy this morning but drop the temps by 3° across the board and you can ditto Wisp’s forecast.

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