Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Resorts are in Fine Shape

First Trax

We are continuing to warm a bit in the region and the cloud coverage is likely to stay with us throughout the week.  The clouds are causing foggy conditions at the higher elevations and have given rise to chances of rain and drizzle in the area. 

Beech Mountain Resort is Foggy
Clouds up at Beech this morning.

Sounds pretty dire for the area ski resorts, huh?  Think again!  The mountains were able to lay down so much good snow over the past few weeks that they have been able to handle the October-ish temps we are seeing right now.  For proof, look no further than Snowshoe’s updated trail report for the day, opened another run which brings their total acres up 4 from yesterday to 66.  That is just crazy for the first week in December.

Snowshoe Resort Foggy
Foggy at Snowshoe with 66 acres open

Winter Storm Cleon is moving into the US, starting primarily in the mid-west.  There is a CHANCE that we will get in on this action over the weekend.  We will keep you updated as we get closer.  It’s just too far out right now to say too much more at this point other than, BRING IT!

Here is the outlook for Saturday in West Virginia and the NC High Country. Click for more detail.

West Virginia Saturday Weather
West Virginia Saturday weather forecast

NC High Country Saturday Weather
NC High Country Saturday weather forcast

In case you missed it yesterday, our friend Joe Stevens sent us his weekly post.  Like the rest of us, he is in awe of the early season conditions.

We started with the weather so let’s end with the area conditions.

Most of the resorts have been able to maintain their coverage over the last 24 hours with the exceptions of Snowshoe and Sugar.  We already mentioned that Snowshoe is opening more and more terrain by the day – Jeez, I can’t wait to get up there.  Sugar on the other hand lost about 2 inches yesterday and last night.  But fear not, they are still in good shape – skiing from the top off of Northridge.  Big Birch and Easy Street are open as well, which is very nice as it reduces the lift lines and traffic on Flying Mile (although I’m not sure you’ll need to worry about it today).   

Conditions at Sugar Mountain
Sugar Mountain this morning.

There is plenty of good skiing to be had, so don’t hesitate to head out and enjoy while the conditions are still good, the weather is bearable, and the crowds are non-existent.

Before I leave, I want to give a shout-out to skipink for the great Beech Trip Report which supplied us with our cover pic for today’s post.


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