Snowshoe Replacing Over a Mile of Snowmaking Pipe


Ed Schneider, who serves as Snowshoe Mountain’s Producer just shared a cool video that may get the juices flowing for you snow loving fans of the mountain. Ed wrote,  "Our guys have been working on replacing some snowmaking pipe out on the hill. They pulled about 5000 ft of old pipe out from Lower Hootenanny and the bottom of Widowmaker. We will be recycling this old pipe and and using the funds from that to buy some new snow guns!"

Snowshoe Mountain is always looking at ways to recycle and this has to be one of the cooler things we’ve heard.

He added, "They are currently working on the new pipe and will probably install it sometime next week. Never to early to start thinking about cold and snow, and snowmaking! At least that’s the way I feel! "

We have to agree Ed! Check out the video at:

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