Snowshoe Mountain Receives the First Snowfall of the season on October 5th, 2010

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As the photo of the day reflects, Snowshoe Mountain just sent us the first reported snow of the season in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. Laura Parquette sent us a photo showing a handful of snow and just about when we were ready to post our old faithful Snowshoe videographer, Ed Schneider sent us a video clip. We captured a couple of clips of it and viola!

We are totally covered up with upgrades happening all across the website (and to some new weather features) that we couldn’t post up the video just yet.

However we KNOW you guys want to see it so click here for > Snowshoe Mountain’s First Snow of the Season!

You can thank us later!

We showed it around the office and to a couple of teenagers and the responses were mixed! There was everything from sheer, joyous vibrating (yep she was that stoked to see snow…even at Snowshoe) and other responses were kind of on the sad side…like "Why can’t it snow here…now!?!?"

Watauga High Junior, Dakota Bauer who is also one of the best ski racers around – and a Sugar Mountain skier and daughter of Sugar Mountain’s Len Bauer – was ready to jump in the car and head to Snowshoe.  Snow flurries are in the forecast at some of the higher elevations here in Western North Carolina as well and we’ll share some pics and vids if we get the chance!

Stay tuned… Send you emails and pics to [email protected]

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Snowshoe Mountain Receives the First Snowfall of the season on October 5th, 2010
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