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As the largest ski resort in the South and Mid-Atlantic region, Snowshoe Ski Resort regularly hosts numerous events during its winter ski season. Snowshoe Events like the College Spring Break, the HomeGrown Music Festival and the Summit have all taken place over the winter ski season at Snowshoe Ski Resort, and this season Snowshoe WV plans to have more events than ever! These are popular times to visit Snowshoe Ski Resort for a winter getaway, so be sure to plan ahead of time if you are thinking of visiting during an event period.

College Spring Break typically is the second week or third weekend in March, depending on the school. College students from around the country, especially the southeastern states, flock to Snowshoe Ski Resort to enjoy tons of great Snowshoe WV Skiing and lots of fun times with their buddies and friends from school. While some like to go to tropical locales, ski bums and avid boarders, or those just looking for something different, all plan to go to the Snowshoe Spring Break College Week in March. While this event takes place at Snowshoe Ski Resort, accommodations specialists take special care to try to ensure that guests with families that desire a more family-oriented vacation also have a fun time, so don’t worry if you are coming to Snowshoe Ski Resort during this time and do not want to mingle too much with the college crowds. Snowshoe Ski Resort is an enormous resort.

Another Snowshoe Event that is popular in the winter Snowshoe Ski season is the HomeGrown Music Festival, which typically takes place the first weekend in March. The Snowshoe HomeGrown Music Festival event is very popular with those that appreciate good music and fine Snowshoe WV Skiing conditions. Bands from across the country come to play bluegrass, folk and southern rock, and skiers and boarders love taking a break from the slopes and taking in concerts during this time.

Finally, one of the newest Snowshoe Events that have taken place in recent seasons is the summit. The first summit took place at Snowshoe and the tradition has continued year after year. This is a time for ski fans, boarders and those on the message board to congregate, ski and have a great time.

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