Snowguns Ablaze This Weekend!


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WOW! For this time of year it sure is awfully warm outside. On a local radio station here in the High Country this morning I heard we can be expecting a very warm 62° for the high today. I wouldn’t be surprised to see shorts and t-shirt wearing folks out and about. While the first half of this week has been unseasonably warm, you can expect a complete turnaround following Thanksgiving. So, while you’re sitting around in a food coma thinking about just how full of turkey, ham, and all the fixin’s you are, remember that you may be on the mountain burning off those calories in no time at all! With most areas set to begin or resume making snow this weekend as cold temperatures persist, you can expect to be shredding very soon!

West Virginia Ski Areas / Maryland (Based on Snowshoe)

Thursday: Hi 57° Lo 37° AM Showers
Friday: Hi 39° Lo 23° Underdeveloped Snow/Snow Showers
Saturday: Hi 42° Lo 25° Sunny
Sunday: Hi 45° Lo 25° Sunny
Monday: Hi 49° Lo 34° Sunny

Milder temperatures early in the week make way for very cold temperatures through the overnights later this week. Cold, snowmaking friendly temperatures will stick around for several days. Snowshoe has the largest base, and has yet to open, but following these several days of below freezing temperatures, you can bet the folks at Snowshoe will have the ropes down as soon as possible. It’s will no doubt be beautiful at Snowshoe this weekend as sunny skies give way to snowmaking glory!

Virginia Ski Areas Forecast (Based on Wintergreen)

Thursday: Hi 57° Lo 48° Cloudy
Friday: Hi 52° Lo 28° Underdeveloped Snow
Saturday: Hi 53° Lo 27° Sunny
Sunday: Hi 55° Lo 28° Sunny
Monday: Hi 54° Lo 38° Partly Cloudy

This weekend will bring the first set of prolonged cold night time temperatures to the Virginia area. Snowmakers will be awaiting the first sign of below freezing temperatures and are ready to get fired up for this weekend. All over the southeast region you will find snowguns ablazin’. Following the weekend, slightly mild temperatures will return, but it looks like the areas can lay down a very good base. Something else to be thankful for!!

North Carolina Ski Areas Forecast (Based on Sugar Mountain)

Thursday: Hi 57° Lo 42° Mostly Cloudy
Friday: Hi 45° Lo 23° Underdeveloped Snow
Saturday: Hi 48° Lo 25° Sunny
Sunday: Hi 51° Lo 26° Sunny
Monday: Hi 51° Lo 35° Partly Cloudy

Well, if you haven’t gotten the serious winter wear out of the closet from last year, it looks like it might finally be time. After mild temperatures at the start of this week, after Thanksgiving cold temperatures are here! It looks like ski areas in western North Carolina will certainly be able to begin snowmaking endeavors on Friday evening. As we all know North Carolina ski areas have some of the best snowmaking capabilities out there, so we can expect to be skiing on our home turf sometime this weekend.

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