Snow to the North; Mix in the Middle; Snow and Rain to the South and a Mild Week Ahead


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The Weather this morning around the Southeast is SNOWY, RAINY, CLOUDY, MISTY and most anything else you want to throw in…depending on where you look.  Beech Mountain in North Carolina has reported 1.5” of snow overnight with some falling as of this report.  Neighboring Banner Elk is seeing light rain.  Wisp in Maryland and the West Virginia Resorts are getting snow as well…and some of the Virginia and Tennessee Resorts are seeing a mix, to light rain.  Here’s a breakdown:

WISP RESORT IN MARYLAND – They have a 50% chance of light snow today with highs in the 32° range.  30% of chance tonight with lows around 20°. They’re expecting around an inch or so of snow today and tonight. Tuesday should be mostly sunny with a high in the upper 30s and Tuesday night they will be able to make snow with the low coming in at 21°.  Wednesday stays sunny with a high near 45°.  Thursday looks wet with a 40% chance of rain and highs in 50s. There’s a 40% chance of rain on Friday with highs reaching 60°. Saturday still offers a chance of light rain and highs near 60°. The same is true for Sunday.

SNOWSHOE MOUNTAIN IN WEST VIRGINIA – 1-3” of snow is expected for the high elevations of West Virginia .  The high today there should be around 30° and the low tonight should be in the upper teens with another 1” or so of snow.  Tuesday should be Partly Cloudy and a high in the mid to upper 20s.  Tuesday night will be a snowgun ops 22°.  Wednesday milds up a bit with sunny skies and 42°. Thursday will be variably cloudy with a high in the 50° range. There’s a 40% chance of rain on Thursday night and 50% chance on Friday with highs in the 55° range. Saturday should be partly cloudy with a high near 58°.  Sunday sunny with a high slightly cooler at 52°.

MASSANUTTEN RESORT IN VIRGINIA – They are looking at 1-2” of snow today and tonight with highs in the mid to upper 30s.  It will dip to 26° tonight allowing for snowmaking if they want to.  Tuesday will get to 43° under sunny skies.  Tuesday night will make for snowmaking if they want with lows around 21°.  Wednesday will be mostly sunny and mild with highs near 51°. Thursday there is a 30% chance of rain and highs near 56°.  Friday there’s a 30% chance of rain and highs near 62°. Saturday should be Partly Cloudy and 67°.  Sunday should be Partly Cloudy and near 65°.

OBER GATLINBURG IN TENNESSEE – This is Ober’s last week of skiing and snowboarding and they will have a tough time playing in the weather this week.  They are getting rain today with highs near 55°.  Tuesday should be nice with sunny skies and a high near 54°.  Wednesday a slight chance of rain and a high near 63°.  Thursday will be rainy with highs near 70°!  Friday there’s still a slight chance of rain and a high of 70°. Saturday it should be cloudy with a high near 74° and Sunday a 20% chance of thunderstorms and a high near 70°.

NC MOUNTAINS – Depending on where you look this morning this look snowy, wet, rainy or take your pick of any precip in between.  Ski Beech is reporting 1.5” of snow this morning and one look at the slopeside Beech Mountain Cam and you can see an easy 1.5” of snow on Mr. Kennedy’s back rails!  When I walked out this morning I was met with a misty rain and about 35°.  That’s about what most of the Western North Carolina Mountains are experiencing this morning…misty light rain and temps in the mid 40s.  Ski Beech is showing 31° and light snow.

Today will remain wet…but not any downpours or anything like we had at certain points last night. The National Weather Service is forecasting a 60% chance of continued light rain (even for Beech) with a high near 44°.  That light precipitation should chance to light snow at higher elevations tonight with a low of 27°.  Some areas should see 1-3” of wet snow and others will see just a dusting.  Most of the accumulations will be limited to grassy areas as the ground temp is warm enough to keep it off of the roads, etc.

The weather isn’t looking like it wants to cooperate with the ski areas of North Carolina this week.  Patchy thin coverage and bare areas were already beginning to show last week.  Then a couple of nights of snowmaking temps helped to cover those up and then the rain came…or SNOW depending on where you look!  Beech is looking pretty good today…

The weather is expected to “mild up” with each passing day through the long range forecast.  Tuesday should be variably cloudy with a high around 44°.  Tuesday night COULD be a snowmaking night for the resorts that want to as temps will dip to 25°.  That MAY be the last night we will see snowmaking ops for the next several days.  Wednesday should be mild and sunny with a high of 53°.  Thursday 58°.  Friday 62° and Saturday and Sunday should be sunny with highs in the mid 60s.  There’s even a 20-30% chance of some additional rain on Friday.

Unless the weather does a quick turn around, don’t be surprised to see some of the resorts close after this weekend.

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