Snow is Falling! Snowguns are Running! Life is Good – again!

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Story by Mike Doble – [email protected]

First – SNOW has been falling most of the day, thus far here in the Western North Carolina mountains. It appears that this system is bringing snowfall and colder temps FIRST to the ski areas of North Carolina and then up and into the Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and Maryland ski areas.

Earlier in the day as Beech, Sugar, App and the other ski areas began making snow this morning, it was reflecting temps that were still in the 40s at Snowshoe, Canaan and the ski areas to the north. As of this posting, that is already beginning to show signs that the front is, in fact, moving through that area. Temps at 4:15pm have dropped to 35° up there whereas we’re already seeing 24° at Sugar and Beech ski areas at the same time. Earlier we were seeing a 50° reading at Davis, WV when the temp at Beech was 28°. This one has been strange.

A further reflection of those oddities was the fact that one look around at the LIVE cams at Bryce, Massanutten and into Snowshoe – showed sunny skies with even some blue mixed in. It has been snowing most of the day here and as of 4pm things look the way they are supposed to this time of year – nice and white.

We captured a shot from the new LIVE STREAM up at Sugar Ski & Country Club for the photo of the day updated a moment ago. You can see that image updating at:  

Of course there are no skiers or snowboarders to be found there as yet, as Sugar won’t open Big Red for a few days yet. Sugar WILL be open for skiing and snowboarding from their mid-station down on Wednesday morning. That announcement went out from Kim Jochl who handles the Marketing hat from Sugar Mountain.


SUGAR MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT, NORTH CAROLINA. NOVEMBER 29, 2011 Mother Nature’s in charge! And Sugar Mountain Resort is hoping the third time’s a charm. The ski area reopens tomorrow, Wednesday, November 30, 2011 for skiing and snowboarding. Warm temperatures melted away the snow on Monday, November 21, 2011, temporarily shutting the ski area down for the second time this season.

Snowmaking began at 3 a.m. this morning and continues as temperatures dropped into the 20’s. Ray’s Weather expects three inches of fresh snow to blanket the slopes of Sugar Mountain by tomorrow. View Sugar’s live, streaming web cam at  to gauge snow accumulations and slope conditions.

Tomorrow the Upper and Lower Flying Mile slopes providing a run of one mile long will be open. Summit #1 lift will operate to the 3/4’s station servicing both slopes for the day and 1/2 day sessions.

Tomorrow’s lift/slope ticket prices will be $30 for an adult full-day session and $25 for an adult half-day session.

Ice skating will be open tomorrow as well. For daily skate session times please check .

SugarFest, December 10th & 11th is just around the corner. If you’re looking for an early season deal, take advantage of our Winter Value Packages.

Please call 800-SUGAR-MT (784-2768) or view our website for the latest slope and weather conditions.

The excitement is riding a high this afternoon and I’m guessing we’ll hear more snow talk by the AM! Stay tuned.


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