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Let’s get right to what everyone wants to know – HOW MUCH SNOW HAS FALLEN!? Beech Mountain tops the highest snow tallies for the last 24 hours and for the three day storm. They had 7" more in the last 24 hours and 18" in the last three days. Sugar is right behind with 16" of snow in the last three days. Cataloochee and Wolf Laurel each have received 12" from the storm.

As you can imagine, the word for today is POWDER…and lots of it. If there’s ANY way that you can…you NEED to get out and ride this sweet snow. Today will be an AWESOME day for some brilliant photos…so PLEASE GET OUT AND SEND US SOME! Email me at: [email protected]

I will be out and about at lunchtime today and with the skies already brightening…there will be some awesome photo ops. We’ve received a fair amount overnight and I’ll post some of those in a few minutes. Always check out the Photo Gallery and look at EACH resort’s directory for the newest images sent in.

Howling Winds Last Night!!! – Yesterday, we saw BLIZZARD, WHITE OUT conditions throughout the second half of the day and last night the winds really howled and we had 50+ gust on several occasions. It’s still breezy this morning with winds in the 10-20 mph range but they are much more sporadic. This is the kind of wind we can handle! As I mentioned last night, we were out in the storm around 4pm or so and witnessed some DEEP snow over at Banner Elk…and the drifts were waist deep and deeper. I had to get in the office early this morning…but I can imagine there is some VERY DEEP snow in areas this morning.

I measured another 3" of snow on my front deck this morning but it’s amazing that we had ANY accumulation with the wind that was driving the snow. It would mount up an inch or so and a gust would come along and clear my measurement spot. That happened several times…so Lord only knows how much SNOWFALL we’ve had around here. If you drive over to Sugar and some portions of Banner Elk…and Boone, you will not see a foot and half of snow everywhere. The winds assured that what you’ll see is about a foot of snow in most places…and drifts amazingly deep. So we’ll go with the unofficial/official statements that we received from each of the ski areas as well as our On-Snow and In-the-Field Reporters. Several people emailed us with snow totals of their own and the messageboard is also full of reports from around the region!

Make Plans to Ski This Weekend – If you can get out today…do it. If not, make plans to be here for this weekend and the roads are clear (except neighborhood roads) and the slopes are AWESOME BABY! (I’m getting into my March Madness Basketball Mode!) It really doesn’t get any better than this and all of the resorts will be in pristine shape. With temps milding up some this weekend to more normal temperatures…and Partly Cloudy skies in the forecast this will be a weekend to remember!

Here’s some Resort News

Cataloochee – They received 4" more snow in the last 24 hours to take them to 12" for the storm total. Conditions will be phenomenal for today and the days ahead! Wednesday is Family Day here at Cataloochee and a child 17 and under will receive a free lift ticket when accompanied by a parent purchasing a full price adult day, twilight or night lift ticket.

Also Sunday, March 6 Cataloochee hosts their Spring Frolic Beach Blast. Come and hang out with the Beachcombers at Cataloochee! Wacky contests, tropical drinks, races and beach music.

Ski Beech – Ski Beech recorded another 7" of snow in the last 24 hours and that takes them to 18" out of this storm since Sunday Night. Conditions will be POWDER and Sweet Powder at that! Every Wednesday our slope tickets are only $15.00!

Sugar Mountain – Sugar received another 4" of snow in the last 24 hours and they have seen 16" from this three day storm. Snowmaking is in progress in selected areas. Tubing will reopen tomorrow.

Sugar is preparing for the Spyder Sample Sale that starts on Thursday! Guaranteed 40% off ALL 2005-06 Spyder merchandise March 3rd-6th. The 2005-06 Spyder line will be available for purchase only at Sugar. Quantities and sizes are limited, so get over there early. They will have prices you won’t find anywhere else or at any other time! Other sport shop items on sale too like select Nils ladies ski wear 20% off suggested retail. Even if you don’t ski or snowboard there may be something for you; winter socks, turtlenecks, long underwear, hats, gloves, sunglasses, snow boots, kid’s jackets, boots, and more. You have 4 whole days to stop by Sugar’s Sport Shop.

Wolf Laurel – We haven’t talked about the Wolf much this season. We’ve always operated on an information IN is information OUT basis and other than inout that we’ve gotten from residents and On-Snow Reporters…it’s been kind of quiet up that way. We did hear from Chris Ward up that way last night and Chris informed us that they had seen about a foot of snow from the three day storm and obviously that will make from great conditions up there. Get us some photos from up there guys and gals!

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