Snow Continues to Fall as 13 inches is on the Ground at Beech Mountain!

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I began filming some video Friday night over at App and Blowing Rock and figured I’d get that posted on Saturday.  Then all it has done all weekend long is snow.  The images and videos kept on coming. We’ll get you snow loving peeps some video to enjoy later today. We have already game planned to do a "Season in Rewind" video blog all season long and I think we’ll make today our debut day to post the first one. We caught some good video from around the region this weekend and at any point in the season if you want to "look back" and review how each week has gone…you’ll be able to. Look for that later today…

It’s snowing this morning. That’s the sixth morning in a row that we’ve witnessed some snow falling from the sky. It began doing so in earnest Friday and this weekend’s storm is now becoming this last week’s storm that still continues today.

13° in Blowing Rock
15° in Foscoe & Boone

Let’s talk snow. Before we get into what’s on the ground already, let’s look ahead to the forecast. Late on Sunday the NWS was forecasting "sunny skies" for late on Sunday and Monday afternoon with MAYBE one-inch more snow. Fast forward to this morning and NOW they’ve put out a "Winter Weather Advisory".

Ya think!

This new advisory now remains in effect until 7pm TUESDAY and is for a combination of SNOW (yes more), Blowing Snow, Strong Winds and Low Wind Chills.

Accumulation – 2 to 6" of ADDITIONAL SNOW! Snow may be heavy at times (it’s falling pretty moderately right now at 7:30am) and continuing through Tuesday.

Our weather dude (that’s his official title) Brad Panovich is looking like the supreme master of all things weather this morning. Back last THURSDAY he was the ONLY forecaster calling for 10-20" of snow. Admittedly he felt 5" or so was probable for most of the mountain communities in North Carolina and the 10"+ snows were for the resorts in West Virginia and Maryland. Regardless, he got it right. There’s easily 8-10" of snow around Sugar and Beech Mountains…and we’re getting reports this morning of a lot of it pretty much across the board.

My SkiMail INBOX is pretty full of reports this morning and we’ll share some photos in a bit.

We’re getting official CoCoRaHs snow reports of:

7.7" of new snow at Beech Mountain with 13" on the ground. By the way that is 21.6" of snow on the season for Beech Mountain Ski Resort now!

4.6" of new snow has fallen at Sugar Mountain (according to CoCoRaHS) and that is 9.8" of snow in the last two days and 10.4" since Friday! Sugar has seen 15.3" of snow on the season.

3.5" of new snow at Mars Hill

That Beech report is a no-brainer. We were up there late on Sunday and there was a good 10" on the ground then and it’s done nothing but snow. That 13.3" of snow since Saturday morning has come on 1.24" of moisture. This is some GREAT powder!

Let’s get to the tour this morning:

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 12° – 2" of new snow and 6" from the storm – 9" on the season. They will have 8 trails running today including two terrain parks and ice skating.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort – 6° – 7.7" of new snow; 13.3" this weekend and on the ground and 21.6" of snow on the season. Beech is open for day sessions today on 6 of 14 trails of POWDER conditions and a base of 20-40".

Cataloochee Ski Area – 12° – CocoRaHs is officially reporting another .7" of snow fell and that jives with our call over to Cat this morning. Tammy and Chris were busy but the gal who caught the phone said that they’d seen 4-5" of snow there over the weekend. Cat is open from 1-10pm today with POWDER conditions, a base of 18+" and 10 of 16 trails open. Tubing Reopens 12/11 Saturday. Cataloochee has now seen 9" of snow on the season.

Sugar Mountain – 5° – 4.6" of new snow; 10.4" from the storm and on the ground and 15.3" on the season. Sugar opened Tpm Terrific today! That makes it 10 of 20 trails open at Sugar with POWDER conditions and a base of 26-56". Sugar fans should be advised that this weekend is SugarFest. Lots of fun is planned. Watch 1992 Olympic Figure Skating Silver Medalist, Paul Wylie dazzle us with his amazing talent followed by an on ice skating clinic and a meet and greet session Sunday at 3 pm. No fee is required to watch Paul’s inspiring on-ice performance.

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort – 12° – REOPENS THURSDAY. They are closed for ski ops today through Wednesday. CoCoRaHs is officially reporting 7" of snow there for this past weekend and 9" on the season.

Sapphire Valley – 19° – They are making snow preparing to open December 17th.

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A Foot or More of Snow has Fallen Across Portions of the Region and More Continues to Fall!
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