Snow and Cold Continues As Well As AWESOME Conditions at the NC Ski Resorts!

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We’re again looking at some cold temps across the region on this beautiful Saturday morning after a surprise snowfall blanketed the area with anywhere from a dusting to 2” of new snow, after 2-5” of snow on Thursday. As of this post it is lightly snowing. Expect great conditions (although rather breezy) no matter where you go today! Winds will be in the 10-20 mph range with some gustier winds tonight. There’s also another chance for a dusting to 1” of additional snow tonight and into Sunday morning! Hey I LIKE this weather pattern!

By the way, several people have emailed us about the temps and wondered what the normal temp is for this time of year. Normally on February 3rd we would be experiencing a high of 45° and lows around 23°. Today forecast is for the high to be near 27° and the low around 17° tonight. That’s after a low of 7° across much of the higher elevations of the state for last night. So much for global warming huh!

If you are in the area today, drop in on the 3rd annual SkiNC Summit that is assembling as of this post (8:18am). They are at Ski Beech today and you can catch them in the parking area that it second from the top (on level with the ice skating rink). Some 50-60 skinc-ers will be enjoying some fun and friendship – as well as awesome conditions at Ski Beech today. I know that they’d enjoy meeting you. Most of the messageboard crew will be there and we have one of our staffers that will be there as well. Look for the SkiNC flag flying around the trails up there today! These guys and gals have organized this and met all on their own over the years without any influence from SkiNC. They are avid snow lovers and a group of really good people. Yes, they can get roudy at times, but their pretty harmless. Your’s truly has a prior commitment at Hawksnest and I will be up there sporting my SkiNC shirt. I’ll be in a garnet Spyder jacket, black helmet with SkiNC stickers if you want to drop by and say “hi”. I will be riding with about six or so 13 year olds while celebrating my newly-turned-teenagers birthday. We should be up there from about 1pm on, as I have some friends and family that will be skiing the night session as well. If you can, stop by and say “hi”.

We Are Assembling Our Crack “Hit Team” to go to Washington D.C.!

If you read Friday’s story (if you missed it simply look further down the front page this morning!), you’ll note that we had our new mobile attack unit on the road up at Punxsutawney Pennsylvania to take out the old, non-cooperative rodent who went against our wishes and forecasted an early Spring. Seems that we’re going to have to get them on the road yet again and this time for one of our meteorological (former buddies) Mike Stinneford! Mike has been periodically keeping us informed of the weather patterns and what to expect long range and we have to admit that his reports have been pretty dead on, although on this occasion we’re hoping that he’s mistaken. Here’s your warning Mike, you have time to change your statement!

Mike has been getting us some notes, usually prior to what we read from some other resources such as Herb Stevens (the skiing weatherman, etc.). Yesterday, while we were reeling from our depression of having to deal with the forecast and then the demise of Punxsutawney Phil, we received this email from Mike. He wrote, “Morning Mike, Happy Groundhog Day from chilly and foggy DC! Going to go long here, in honor of the Super Bowl. We’ve got another shot of cold air coming in, and next week will see some very cold temperatures, especially at night. I would not be surprised to see some areas fall below zero. Cold may last as long as the President’s Day weekend. After that, it looks like a mild weather pattern will set in and last for the rest of the winter. Resorts will probably start closing in March, not so much from bad conditions, but due to lack of interest due to spring-like weather in the lower elevations. The good news is that it looks like primo conditions the week or so. Have a great day.”

Have a great day!?!? After hearing that! We’re going to hope that Mike had a momentary lapse of judgment and that God throws him some massive weather twists for the rest of the season, from now through President’s Day and beyond.

Resort Summaries from Around the State!

Many of the ski areas are now leaving the snowguns off during skiing hours! Check the slope conditions page for more details. Here are some summaries, including temps and snowfall.

Appalachian – 14° this morning and they received 1” of surprise snow Friday evening after 1” on Thursday. App is 100% open on Saturday including both the Appal Jam and Appal Jack terrain parks. They also offer Ice Skating. App is also now only making snow during non skiing hours!

Cataloochee – 10°, and a Trace of new snow after 2” on Thursday. Marketing Director, Tammy Brown wrote, “On Saturday, we will be skiing on 12 out of twelve slopes with 5 lifts operating on base of 35-75” and a man made powder surface. Our box terrain features, including our C Box and Mailbox will be stationed at the top of the Over Easy slope and accessed by the Easy Way Triple Chairlift. All rails including our up and down rail and flat rail will be found in the Cat Cage Terrain Park accessed by the Rock Island Quad Chairlift.

Hawksnest – 11°, and about 1” of new snow Friday evening after 2” on Thursday. Hawksnest hasn’t made snow over the last two days, because it hasn’t been needed! Great conditions! They will be open to midnight Saturday night with 9 trails and tubing (open til 9pm)! Snowguns are off!

Ski Beech – 7°, and 2” of new snow on Friday evening! The wind chill at 7:45am was minus 5°! Their 5506’ elevation will be skiing and snowboarding on a base of 22-42” and 14 trails open. Beech also offers Ice Skating in a Picture Postcard atmosphere and if you want to get in out of the cold, stop in to their many unique village shops or the Beech Tree Restaurant! Snowguns are now off for today!

Sugar Mountain – 7°, 2” of new snow and great conditions on 20 slopes and trails as well as 5 lanes of snow tubing. Sugar has turned the snowguns off after a great night of snowmaking!

Wolf Ridge – 18°, and a trace of snow overnight after 2” on Thursday! They offer 17 slopes and trails as well as tubing for your pleasure today. They too have the snowguns off for today!

Get out and enjoy the awesome conditions and be sure to dress in layers!

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