Slow News Day Around the NC Mountains – Cold Hits Monday!

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Man oh Man it is a slow news day! Maybe I should have saved some of the content I wrote about on Saturday! In fact, if you’re with us this morning and didn’t visit the site yesterday, be sure to skip down a story. Otherwise I’m probably just going to bore you guys to tears today!

You can tell that we’re still fighting the pre-season, "we-don’t-have-enough-terrain-to-excite-anyone mode" because other than a few contest entries, we didn’t receive ANY emails! That is a rarity!

We didn’t even get the usual, "Hey, can you tell us if it’s going to snow on January 23rd at Wolf Ridge" type email. Either you guys are becoming a more educated bunch, or the weather is just not doing it for you.

Perhaps it is a bit of both. Check back a bit later today for some more "What New for 2007-2008" stories as we will be catching up on some of those.

HERE’S THE SKI NEWS…(check the slope report for details)

APPALACHIAN – We just received an email (minutes ago) from someone inquiring as to why the App webcam is down. Seems they felt that is was because "things look so bad this am". Not so my conspiracy-minded little friend. Actually it appears that not only is their camera down this morning…so is their website.

CATALOOCHEE – Tammy Brown writes, "We will be open on Sunday, December 3 for skiing and riding from 8:30am-4:30pm with weekend rates in effect."

Don’t forget Can-U-Ski on Sunday when 6 cans of food or a warm winter coat in good condition will get you a FREE lift ticket on Sunday! Rentals and lessons are not included. Its a $49.00 value – help Cataloochee help those in need this holiday season!


SUGAR – It’s 34° there this morning and one gets the feeling that Gunther and his talented snowmakers are in a sprinters stance, ready to make snow. They are skiing and riding on 4 trails with thin coverage.


Justin Blythe up at Wolf Resort wrote to inform me that Wolf HAS made snow a while back. Yesterday I reported for a second time that they had not been making snow. (I corrected myself after the first blooper, and evidently I must do so again.)

They DID make snow a week or two ago, but have not since. Justin wrote, "We pushed for a Thanksgiving opening, but the weather just didn’t cooperate."

Justin also commented on my Saturday comment about their use of MySpace to promote, " On the myspace comment – What we are trying to accomplish is an extra online place for people to post and discuss, comps, conditions, etc."

I guess I was generalizing about the resorts that were not open, were waiting until Monday, December 3rd’s expected cold snap to crank them up. You can tell that everyone is a bit on-edge, and chomping at the bit to make snow and get a bunch of terrain open. Can’t blame them…those of us that just take advantage of all of their hard efforts are cranky and ready to ski as well!


As a closing comment, we want to congratulate Joe Freeman of Mistletoe Meadows in Laurel Springs, North Carolina for being chosen to provide the White House Christmas tree for 2007! A 20-foot, 19-year-old Fraser Fir from his farm in Ashe County will be gracing the Blue Room in the capital.

Joe and Mistletoe Meadows is a client of ours and we know personally that Joe truly enjoys his craft and he told us, "This is like winning the World Series for Christmas Tree growers."

Here’s a couple of cool notes for those of you worried about the deforestation of Christmas Trees, etc: Did you know that tree growers plant THREE seedlings for every tree that is cut each year?

Actually REAL trees are much better for the economy and the environment versus FAKE trees and I will tell you why:

FAKE – Fake trees are made mostly in China and contain lead and are primarily made of PVC.

REAL – Real Christmas trees area crop they are cultivated and harvested typically by small family growers. Each tree takes 5-8 years to reach maturity and during that lifetime real trees absorb CO2 from the environment. Once the holidays are over many recycling locations exist to turn these into mulch.


Monday – Hi: 34 Lo: 23 It will WINDY but C-O-L-D! all week!

Until Next time…

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