SkiSoutheast Si Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter


The High Country is populated by thousands of groundhogs and a few years back I dressed one up in SkiSoutheast garb; taught the furry critter how to ski and ever since then he has rewarded me with his very own predictions.

Here is his version for 2019

To anyone who will listen, I will share my wisdom with thee.
My handler’s a good enough fellow, who doesn’t pull me from a tree.
He feeds me leftovers from his table, by throwing food from his deck;
He asked me to forecast the weather, so I figured what the heck.

Unlike my brother from PA, who is up at the crack of light,
He let’s me sleep in and be lazy, and doesn’t keep me up all night.
So here is my fearless prediction, and I say this with much glee;
There’s six more weeks of winter left, believe me you will see.

I was watching WCNC Newschannel 36 this morning and Meteorologist Larry Sprinkle ALSO saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter.

We’ve had some wild swings this winter and we’re in for plenty more of that.


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