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First, Happy Veterans Day! We, here at want to take this moment and THANK those of you who have or are serving our country. It is a day to honor, to remember and to say thank you to the men and women who have served and who are currently serving our country. There are 24.9 million military veterans in the United States, and to all of them, we owe gratitude and respect. Thank you all for being great partriots, heroes, and for putting your lives on the line for our country and for protecting us, so each of us, our families and our children can live in the greatest country on the earth. We SALUTE you and proudly honor those who sacrificed ALL for our country…


The words, "Thin areas" has shown up in the snow report for the lone ski area operating today. However, one quick look at the LIVE cam will tell you that Sugar Mountain looks pretty sweet despite being a cup or two short of full coverage.

Sugar will operate for day sessions today on a base of 4-18" with one lift servicing TWO slopes from the 3/4 station. If you see my daughter out on the slopes this morning…say "hi". I’m jealous!


This is straight from Laura Parquette, Bill Rock and the Snowshoe team for all SkiNC and SkiSoutheasters…

"We’d like to extend a special ONLY “season stoke” package. Snowshoe is committed to doing everything we can to open on Nov 24th, and with some cold weather moving back in next week, we don’t anticipate that being a problem.

We can’t wait for another great season and hopefully making some turns with our skiSoutheast friends. Bill and the whole team are so appreciative of this group of enthusiastic skiers and riders, we wanted to make sure we showed our appreciation early and often! We’re looking forward to another great Summit, but we hope to see lots of you before then too. Thank you for everything you personally, and the whole Skisoutheast community, do for the sport. Here’s to another great season getting underway sooner rather than later!"


Package is good 12.17-12.26


The special is for LODGING ONLY…and there are several specials available on lift tickets as well. If you guys book this package, drop us an email ([email protected] ) and we’ll see if we have any lifties we can give away!

The code for reservations is SNOW — must call 877-441-4386


It is yet another "inversion day" in the mountains as the coldest temperatures in the area are again at the lower elevations. It was 29° this morning around our office and 47.3° atop Sugar Mountain’s summit.

We’re looking at a milder-than-normal next five days. Here’s the forecast by area.

NC Ski Areas Weather Forecast: (From Sugar Mountain)

Thursday: Hi 58° Lo 41° Clear

Friday: Hi 58° Lo 40° Clear

Saturday: Hi 58° Lo 41° Clear

Sunday: Hi 58° Lo 38° Partly Cloudy

Monday: Hi 54° Lo 38° Chance of Rain

Virginia Ski Areas Weather Forecast: (From Wintergreen Resort)

Thursday: Hi 63° Lo 32° Clear

Friday: Hi 63° Lo 34° Clear

Saturday: Hi 65° Lo 38° Clear

Sunday: Hi 63° Lo 38° Partly Cloudy

Monday: Hi 61° Lo 40° Partly Cloudy

West Virginia Ski Areas Weather Forecast: (From Snowshoe)

Thursday: Hi 56° Lo 40° Clear

Friday: Hi 58° Lo 40° Clear

Saturday: Hi 61° Lo 37° Clear

Sunday: Hi 54° Lo 35° Partly Cloudy

Monday: Hi 47° Lo 36° Chance of Rain

That’s all for today people! THINK COLD! THINK SNOW!

Be sure to check back often for more photos being posted as well as our video blog. If you have not yet visited our Ski Messageboard Forum you should do so.

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