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We’re not quite "ready for primetime" here at and but we’re kicking things into high gear pretty fast. We have more contest giveaways than we’ve ever provided before. Last season was a bit of a bummer, but we don’t want to talk "history" so let’s just say that we’re going to be giving away more vacations than we ever have. We have some nice giveaways planned for numerous of the ski areas this season. We’ll also be awarding more lift passes than ever as well!

We’ll get up to speed pretty fast and hopefully be ready to share a wealth of new information about all of the ski areas in North Carolina (via and all of them from Sapphire Valley all the way up to Wisp Resort in Maryland via

We hope to be posting numerous times a day beginning sometime next week. Thus far we have FINALLY gotten the websites moved onto the new server (that was one heck of a lot more frustrating than it should have been), but we are still doing some tweaking to the operating system. We’re able to handle the enormous traffic that we get better than ever, but we’re sacrificing speed for stability right this second. We have the biggest, baddest system that we’ve ever had pushing our network, but some of the tweaks are still needed and as soon as we wrap those up we’ll have the biggest, baddest – AND FASTEST ski and snowboarding website east of the Rockies!

Hang with us a couple of days while we finish up those programming tweaks…

In the meantime, visit the new Messageboard!  We have 821 members, 187 actively posting already this early in the season and just about anytime of the day or night (already) you can find 25-75 members communicating their ideas, trail reports, and love for all things related to skiing and snowboarding in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic.  Click in, loook around and JOIN as we are looking to form the largest online ski and snowboarding club around. (We’re already number one in the East coast!  Join, have fun sharing comments and meet up to ski and ride with fellow snow lovers!

Stay tuned…

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