SkiNC’s Lindsea Lumpkin Wins Multiple GOLD at the Nationals in Tahoe!

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Check out the photo of the day link – (See link at bottom of article) – and you’ll see one sweet little snowboarder who has been growing and racking up some metal as she grows within the national scene.  Lindsea is a ten year old, 5th grader from Georgia and SkiNC’s first sponsored rider.  We wrote about her a few years ago and boldly predicted that she will be a nationally known snowboarder who will make some waves as she becomes old enough to gain true recognition as one of America’s best.  Her accomplishments in 2006-2007 makes us look like Nostradamus as she racked up some impressive stats last season. 

Visit her website (See link at the bottom of this story)  to see a list of all of her accomplishments and continue to keep your eyes open for this little dynamo!  Lindsea competed at NorthStar in Tahoe in April and she took home the following:

USASA National Championships, Northstar at Tahoe, CA. – Gold boardercross
– Bronze slalom
– Bronze giant slalom
– 4th halfpipe
– 6th slopestyle
– 2nd alpine overalls
– 3rd combined overalls
– 3rd triple overalls

She also nailed these awards and accomplishments:

Aspen Series USASA – Silver Giant Slalom
– Gold Slalom
– Gold Slopestyle
– Gold Boarder Cross
– Gold 1/2 pipe
– Gold Boarder Cross
– Gold Slopestyle
– Gold Boarder Cross
– Gold Slopestyle

Aspen Snowboard Series Series Champion
in 1/2 pipe
in slalom
in boardercross
in slopestyle

Congratulations Lindsea and her proud pop, Tommy Lumpkin.

Lindsea’s Photo of the Day Link> Click Here

Lindsea’s Website> Click Here

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