SkiNC Summit Scheduled for Hawksnest!

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Names like "teledave", "Axis X", "afrobigfoot", "Snowbird", "Monday Lady" and "science" conjure up characters from an old Star Trek episode; however they are actually just some of the screen names of regulars to the board. If you visit our messageboard with any regularity you’ll know that it is a great place to communicate with snow lovers from all over the Southeast. If you haven’t logged on and viewed the messageboard you should.

Over the last couple of years some of our more frequent posters have been hinting at trying to organize a get together so that they could meet each other and that is now becoming a reality. David McConnell, who is one of the top message posters to the board (Snowbird is number one in the category) decided to head up the organizing end of things and if you are wanting to meet some or all of these snow lovers…YOU ARE INVITED!

David and the top messageboard "citizens" are calling this a SKINC Summit and it will be held on February 26th, from 9am-4:30PM at Hawksnest Resort…weather permitting. If you are interested in attending drop David an email. Hawksnest has graciously agreed to provide a group rate the morning of the gathering and David needs to be able to know with some certainty how many people will be showing up for the meeting.

It should be a lot of fun and a chance to meet some of the more colorful members of the SkiNC and SkiSoutheast board. A lot of these guys and gals have created some "relationships" messaging back and forth over the years. So much so that when one of our members expressed that he might not have the money to make the trip…another member offered to pay for his ticket! We’ve watched as many of the members post messages back and forth in more of a chat room type atmosphere and they have been vital in offering answers and opinions on many subjects and if you haven’t take the time to join in on the fun…give it a try.

So far it sounds like about 30+/- people have expressed interest through the messageboard and most have stated that they were planning on making it to Hawksnest for that summit. To make things a little more solid…if you are going to make it…let them know. Email Dave at: [email protected]

Hope to see you on the slopes!

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