SkiNC Ski Beech Summit to be Held all Day Saturday! Come Join the Fun!

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Let me get right to the point here and say that we NOW have 207 people who have stated committments to attend the SkiNC / Sk Beech Summit to be held tomorrow at Ski Beech!  That is a far cry from 35-40 that we had two seasons ago and from all indications that number may grow by the time we get up early and head to Beech!  That is SO COOL!

Guys and gals, there are some OUTSTANDING things happening at this all day event and we’ve just been SO overwhelmed that we have not been able to post up everything! I will try to get to some of the important stuff, but let’s just sum things up to say that if you love skiing and you love skiing in North Carolina – then you’re missing out if you don’t come and hang out at Ski Beech tomorrow! To the point – here’s just SOME of what’s going down:

Guys here’s another update!

Check the SkiNC Summit Page

We’ve changed a few times, etc – but this thing is BLOWING UP around us! It is going to be HUGE and you don’t want to miss out on being there!

Jon Jolly’s family will be there, parents, etc. (If you don’t know who Jon was, visit the Summit Page 

There will be so many people coming that getting a group pic may be tough but we want to try it anyway! We’ll have a meet and greet for all who want to make it early and then we’ll make some turns and meet back up sometime shortly after 10am for the group photo and videos unless it just becomes impossible to pull off.

Then there will be live music, some DJs, cookout, eats, drinks etc and pretty much carnage on and off the snow til 4:45pm when ONE HUGE (I mean HUGE) auction will be taking place to raise money for the Helena Jolly Education Fund. We had planned to list all of the great area businesses who have given merchandise to auction off but the list has just become HUGE! We’ll have skis, a snowboard, goggles, and all sorts of goodies – along with our hoodies, tees, and truckloads of items with all of the money going to the Helena Jolly Education Fund!

Jon’s family will be spreading his ashes over Robbins Run (his fav slope) and then the auction will begin right out in front of the View Haus. Be there and bring some cash and your checkbooks. You’ll pick up some great merchandise and you’ll feel good knowing that your money will be helping out a great family. I can see more than a few tears being generated.

So make plans on being there early and all day! Let’s have a blast and do all we can to make this an EPIC event!

See you there. Look for our new SkiNC banners at the Bunny Slope and View Haus…and come say "hi" and let’s all make some turns and meet some new friends!

< Look for the new SkiNC Banners and lets do this thing HUGE!

For those unaware…simply visit the Summit page and come up to speed! If you’re messageboard member print out the coupon that page and come ski and ride tommorow for half the price.  If you’re NOT a messageboard member, you SHOULD be.  Joining is easy!  Go to the Summit Page, join (it’s FREE) and save on skiing or riding with a HUGE group of fellow ski and snow lovers!

It looks to be a great time with lots of sun in the forecast and super sweet conditions at Ski Beech on Saturday!  Live Music, lots of good grilled eats, tons of beverages of all sorts, hundreds of friends that you haven’t met yet and hours of fun!

…and as I mentioned – we’re going to have all of this fun, while being able to help out a great family and raise money for a couple of great causes!

Come on…you KNOW you want to be there!  Get packing and come on up!

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