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Video is something that has become more and more available across the internet and websites such as YouTube and others has made sharing videos something that millions do nearly every day.  We began sharing ski videos with you guys three seasons ago via WMV format and then last season began encoding them into FLASH video so that more people could enjoy them – no matter the internet connectivity.

Digital cameras have gotten better and better making it easier than ever to share good videos with the masses. We have begun archiving and sharing some of the better videos via our updated VIDEO page and you’ll want to be sure to check that page often throughout the season.  There is a link on the front page of both and  Our archived Photos of the Day are still popular, but there’s not anything better than to see these videos right online.  While it is not as good as being there yourself, it is cool to be able to watch these videos.

Most of the ones that we will provide you guys will be those shot most recently.  That will provide you, our visitors with YET another way to see what the conditions are like!


We don’t get into the habit of doing promos of video productions…but the video that we just posted called "Love at First Sight" was sent in by Mitch Bryant, who said that the video is a compilation of a "handful of videos" shot last season of some local boarding fun.  The video was produced locally by Vibe Boarding Productions and is definately worth a look.  Click here to View the Video Page or Click Here to Go Right to the "Love at First Sight" Boarding Video!


Send YOUR photos, video and comments to: [email protected]

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