Ski Resorts Are Close to On Par for Natural Snowfall on the Season!

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We were being “phone interviewed” yesterday and one of the questions that I was asked was, “Where do you keep coming up with the ideas that you write about?”  That was an easy one to answer…almost daily I receive emails and people ask or comment on various things and that is usually the ammunition that I need to sit down and crank out something (hopefully) of interest to fellow snow lovers.  This morning was no exception.

Julie Estes of Atlanta wrote, “I have been a fan for several years and I read a few times this season about how timely the weather has been and that conditions seem to be pretty good right now.  Do you have any ideas where all of the resorts are in terms of how much snow they’ve each received as compared to normal years?”

Now THAT IS a good question. What is so cool as that we HAVE that information right on this website EVERY day for anyone to see. That’s a feature that you WON’T find in one location anywhere else as far as we know.  To get that information ANYTIME, simply click on the resort links that appear in the right column and then in the top right column of the individual resort’s page you can find the current season’s snow totals thus far, and then scroll down to the bottom right and you can find the average snowfall and last year’s snowfall tallies.  That can provide quite a lot of comparison figures.  I really don’t think you can find all three numbers anywhere else.  Sometime we surprise ourselves with all of the data available on this site.

However, we thought it would be kind of cool (and we know how lazy some of you guys are) to do the work for you today and provide that information right here for you.  So here goes:

Appalachian Ski Mountain has received 30” so far this year.  Last season they received 36” on the entire season and average about 50”.

Cataloochee has received 56” inches this season.  They received 50” last season and they are far ahead of their average of 40” per season. (Actually some sources say that Cataloochee averages 26” per season and the state’s climatology people say only about a foot of snow.)  So regardless, Cataloochee is having a snowier than normal season!

Hawksnest has seen 54” of snow thus far.  They received 64” last season and average right at 70” per season. One good snowfall will get them their.

Sapphire Valley has seen decent snowfall already this season thanks mostly to the huge dumping of snow of a couple of weeks ago.  They have seen about 22” thus far this season and average nearly 30” of snow.

Ski Beech has seen 61” this season.  They received 84” last season thanks mostly to some late season dumps.  Beech averages about 80” per season. By the way Ski Beech is hosting the The Hometown Advantage Ski Race tonight with a party and live band to follow at the Beech Tree Bar and Grill. Sounds like a fun time.  Also don’t forget to try to be at Ski Beech 9am or so tomorrow morning as the SkiNC 2006 Summit is happening tomorrow.  It sounds like there’s going to be a god turn out and if you want to meet some of the personalities on the messageboard…be there!

Wolf Laurel has received 34” thus far this season and saw about 43” last year and averages about 60” per season.

Bryce Resort in Virginia has seen 13” of snow on the season and they average about 30” per season so they’ll need some help in March!  We don’t have any data for last season’s totals there.

Massanutten has seen 25” of snow this season.  They received 22” last season and they average about 35” so one good dump of snow and they are there.

Wintergreen Resort is another resort that is actually ahead of schedule with snowfall.  They have received 32” so far.  Last season they had 57” of snow and they average 34”. They should pass that again this season.

Canaan Valley in West Virginia has had a snowy season but will need some help to get to season averages.  This year they have seen 120” of snow.  Last season 113” but they average nearly 160” of snow per year.

Snowshoe Mountain has seemingly hogged more snow this season than most of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic resorts but they will have to go some to get to their annual average.  They have seen 138” of snow so far this season.  Last year they had a below average year with 161” and they average nearly 180” per season.  March is usually a very snowy month at Snowshoe so don’t throw any towels in just yet.  They’ve got great conditions right now and a couple of good dumps of snow and they’ll be all over their average.

Timberline Resort has seen 119” on the season.  They received 112” last season which was under their average of nearly 160”.  They are the neighbor resort to Canaan Valley and conditions are pretty much the same.

Winterplace Resort is about on par for a normal season.  They have seen 76” of snow so far.  Last season they received 101” and they average right at 100” per season.

Wisp Resort in Maryland has seen 99” on the season. That is right on their average for an entire season so they too have had a snowy one thus far and their a lot of winter left in March.  Last season they exceed normals with 121” of snow.  Their average is 100” per season.

Ober Gatlinburg in Tennessee has seen 28” of snow on the season which matches what they saw for the entire season last year.  They average about 35” so they are on par to meet their season tallies.

So as you can see, it has indeed been a pretty normal year in terms of natural snows and the timeliness of the temps has made for good snowmaking ops and the conditions at all Southeastern Ski Resorts ranges from good, to very good to great right now.

Another emailer commented as to how “timely” were our Photos of the Day.  That is something that I’ll admit I never thought to state on this website…because we post new images everyday and I just assumed that everyone KNEW that they were images from no more than a day or so from when we post them.  When you guys see the photos of the day – THAT IS WHAT THE CONDITIONS ARE LIKE because they ARE new images.  We didn’t think about that, because when you go on many ski resort websites you ARE met with static images that are for promotional use only.  In other words they are the best of images from season’s past.  Ours are new each and every day.

Get out and enjoy the day and the great conditions!

Until Next Time!

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